1. Your width and vertical can look totally different in the mirror, mobile camera or dslr camera. It’s frustrating. In my mirror my silhouette will even change when I step back. I will get taller and narrower.

  2. has he really changed automatic vertical to 5'6?? intriguing

  3. haha, no, in my family of just 5 every type category is represented (G, N, C, D types) except for the R fam.

  4. in Metamorphosis SNs are described as "you are basically angular in bone structure, although this is softened by a fleshy body type", so angularity to me doesn't disqualify a person from this ID.

  5. agreed. i think he can handle a very fitted, high-detail style. there's that hint of Joel Grey or Richard Simmons to him, although the handsome dial is turned way up

  6. The only thing I've noticed is that most celebrities or models that are so famous for having the best bodies or whatever, they're never Romantic lol

  7. Hmm, it’s hard to tell from these pics but I do wonder if there is a touch of mutedness or something here even though your hair is dark. Black looks nice, but it reads as very intense on you. I love a softened white also. I wonder if other seasonal palettes are worth investigating. People see black hair and press the Winter button, but I don’t think it’s always the case.

  8. My husband has said the same thing about my appearance looking a bit muted at times. Do you have any other palettes you would suggest looking into besides Winter?

  9. its hard to say, i would probably try draping some various summer palette colours, or generally lighter colours as I feel that deep saturated tones are quite heavy on you.

  10. Pictures of yourself that are to illustrate some point or question for discussion are fine on the long weekend!

  11. i think this colour leans a tad cool, but i wonder if more neutral makeup/lip would be good? I feel extra disconnect might be introduced with the warmer lip colour.

  12. I have to say, I do find it annoying, as a relative newbie, that a response to a query a postulation is that my idea is “hilarious”. This happened, and I find it disrespectful or at least condescending. Maybe it wasn’t meant that way, but as a moderator I’d look into that sort of language. I find it not very helpful.

  13. i agree. there is a real problem with unkindness to people who are new & learning, or just asking genuine questions. People seem to assume a lot of ill intent for some reason.

  14. For most of this I agree wholeheartedly!! But re: the Old Hollywood factor, I don’t take it as needing to dress in a way that harkens back to an earlier era and looking to dress like these women did. I see it more as the point of becoming your own style icon. How can you create the image that communicates who you are clearly and shows your best self? The studios were manufacturing these images while the studio system was in place, and basically what he’s saying is that you can create that for yourself and be the “star” of your life. It’s not that you should go back and get literal style inspiration from them. He’s actually not as big on giving people celebrity inspiration for their personal style as people think. It’s understanding how the star image was created. And the reason why current stars don’t really work is that icons have to have stood the test of time and that system hasn’t been in place for decades and careers and images aren’t crafted in that same way. What people wear on the red carpet often is more about what someone is paying them to wear.

  15. Yes, I see Old Hollywood archetypes as an invaluable resource to get a very pure, distilled concept of image.

  16. I potentially agree with quite a few of these, and I love to see some C fam getting attention, but I feel that i have some strong question marks around a lot of celebs that are generally assumed by the community & influencers to be C fam. I think C fam gets way overtyped, and I think balance is rarer than people realise. Both extremes and balance are less common in the Kingdom of Kibbe.

  17. What buffles me is that OP didn't even bother to check their height. Two of them are already over the cutoff - Olivia Wilde and Brie Larson are both 5'7!

  18. that's interesting, i didn't know Brie Larson was that tall! She always seemed medium-shortish to me. I had quietly wondered if maybe she was DC but I will have to reassess.

  19. i'm upvoting this, not because Kibbe has any relationship to fruit body types, but I think it sparks some interesting conversation.

  20. Now THAT is a fantastic idea. Especially sticking to verified celebrities.

  21. i think it would be enlightening !

  22. Haha yes I remain in N limbo. I am also reminded of Chloe Sevigny who brings a lot of edge and attitude into her style, quite successfully I think. I recall that in Metamorphosis Kibbe intriguingly speaks multiple times of the need for "aggression" to be in the foundation of an SN's style. So, for me, someone with that sense of edge and attitude is a real contender for SN. I think of the male celebs, Brad Pitt has that detached cool charisma that I feel aligns to someone like Aubrey to me?

  23. what I feel is interesting is that aggression is not mentioned for either N or FN. They get things like risk-taking and gusto and passion, only SN gets the word aggression. And I am gonna go out on a limb, but was thinking about how there is something emotional to the idea of aggression? It can come from a place of vulnerability? Which, to me a yin dimension? I know its some circuitous logic haha. I suppose i contrast it with my concept of pure sharp yang, which to me is not aggressive at all, but very cool and in control?

  24. thanks so much for everyone's input! Playing around with actual pattern pieces, i realised that if I place the "new" side seams together, and flatten the resulting underarm "peaks", this created a beautifully smooth outcome! So my initial suspicion was correct, the armscye does need to be adjusted in this instance.

  25. No, don’t mess with the armhole. I think it’s weird, though, that your bottoms seem to be a true horizontal line. Usually, the bottom from the dart to the side seam slants upward a bit. Also, I’m curious why you’re doing the waist shaping just at the sides? Have you mocked this up and seen if the darts are still in the correct position when you do this?

  26. ignore non-relevant aspects - this is just a sketch to showcase a theoretical question, not an actual real life pattern

  27. wild!!! i never thought about myself like that but thank you so so much, what a compliment :-) i’ve always wanted to be a princess and i def live vicariously through the various jane austen movies so that’s got me really hyped hahaha

  28. haha i don't know exactly, try out style ideas that are delicate and old fashioned i guess!!

  29. Oh no I meant it as in "why is he talking about this/ harassing OP its so random" not like "why is this posted here" youre fine for allowing this post!🙂

  30. This has nothing to do with CA? Also...if Im not mistaken, although this sub is open to everyone, isnt it mainly women here?

  31. I agree that this has nothing to do with colour analysis, however, it is about something occurred on this sub so I am permitting it.

  32. Not sure why they wanted her she doesn't seem to suit the brand

  33. agree. i think Chanel picks celebrities they think will appeal to the youth market, or are trying to brand themselves as cool and hip, so they adopt a young, hot celeb. I really didn't like Kristen Stewart in Chanel much either, it was a real mismatch.

  34. Classic is quite difficult to identify compared to the other IDs (especially SC), it could be that there are more of them that think they’re another ID?

  35. personally i just think in the world of Kibbe, extremes are rare, and balance is rare. i feel this poll corresponds to what i see irl.

  36. The Kibbe apporach is generaly promoted as the antithesis of a "fruit system" approach that aims to correct the silhouette into a more supposedly pleasing state of balance: ie the pear shaped figure will be advised to add visual volume above and remove it below.

  37. I think the strongest looks for me are in the second slide. Haughty, mysterious, geometric, in control.

  38. I think we need to draw a line between how Kibbe defines the essences, and how we or others might imagine them?

  39. I wonder why they disagree when he put those descriptions in his book. Is it one of the things he's changed recently?

  40. i'm not aware that Kibbe has distanced himself from the essence descriptions. I think he just doesn't in his modern method teach people to figure out their personal style needs somehow working back off of perceived "vibe", but wants people to have a more objective understanding. But according to recent interviews, it seems he still things vibe is a thing.

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