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  1. dear devs, for power down (dark) missions, please give us flashlights :D

  2. It looks brand new, i suggest you ride it first and then make upgrades.

  3. No to czekamy az Pani Anna pokaze sie w jednostce poborowej.

  4. If you would spend same amount on fresh produce and cook you meals instead of buying ready one it would be same but you would have more food or you can have same amount of food and pay less.

  5. Ok but what was happening before the stop, was she trying to run? I saw some videos from USA when pregnant women did some violations, dangerous maneuvers and the were like “why are you stopping me? I did nothing wrong”. Just to be clear im not trying to defend this guy just trying to understand situation as i am not from USA and as we know USA is a complete wild west for a regular European.

  6. Sucks to be Karen, but that's what emergency vehicles do

  7. Depends, i used to live near fire department at the center of a big city and during night hours firetrucks used light signals only until they reached main road. You could still hear them but it wasn’t so bad.

  8. I work for a fire department in a major city in the United States and we are not allowed to respond to emergency runs without using both our lights and sirens as warning devices for any drivers or pedestrians who might be out and in our path regardless of what time it is. If we were to get into an accident and it could be shown that we were not using both of our emergency signaling devices on a code 3 run we could be found liable for the accident and judged at fault personally.

  9. This happened Europe but i have no idea if law allows or if that was just the kind driver.

  10. There is videos from Harvard uni i think that clearly explains that USA is NOT a democracy.

  11. SOURCE:

  12. Yea thas a good point… its also boxing match. I didn’t noticed that. I was hoping Paddy will choke him.

  13. Considering that she has lifetime of rehabilitation i would qualify her as full contender

  14. Dude, track limits and penalties are broken since first f1 game and its seems devs are ok with that.

  15. I bought a pair for like €35 and the quality was pretty good. This was back in 2016 though, so alot might have changed since then.

  16. Try Twins. A bit above your price range but they are great.

  17. Ah yea they have good opinions, also heard good stuff about stormcloud blizzard. I guess i will have to go to the store again.

  18. Jake Paul should “fight” him

  19. Jake Paul fights only retired fighters who can be bribed. :D

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