1. This must be a joke. Played Hood but never played the Demon? Makes no sense.

  2. He said in another message he was throwing on purpose but also he would never have been able to play demon here

  3. Knull drops in may…I want him for my galactus deck myself, still not sure if I wanna buy him for 3000 tokens when he shows up in the shop (soon) XD

  4. So didn't you play it out? I'd be concerned about a Wolverine

  5. Agreed. When they play Debrii, I always fistbump before retreating. It’s a smart play against Galactus. Well, I should clarify. I fistbump if they play as an obvious defensive play against Galactus, whether it’s after they realize or if they defensively snap against me after haphazardly playing Debrii on turn 3 THEN realizing I’m a Galactus deck after I play Wave or Electro. That’s smart game awareness, so I fistbump then leave. If they don’t snap, then I stay in, because there’s no reason to leave, even in an obvious losing situation, until my potential losses are raised, even if that means waiting to retreat until turn 6. I mean, sometimes I end up playing Doc Oc on Debrii’s lane that I’ve already filled up and end up pulling down an Odin that reactivates Debrii and drags in a Hobgoblin and fills up all her lanes except one spot, which won’t be enough to win if they didn’t draw Patriot. But, on the times I know they’ve figured me out and played or snapped defensively as a result, I fistbump before retreating.

  6. This won't affect the meta while just limiting fun combos for lols

  7. 'That is not how hide and seek works' That cracked me up. Also 5 attorneys noping out of defending her lol.

  8. Been hoping for a ranged 'one and done' Titan super since D1.

  9. Forge then vulture then doctor strange. Swap culture with dagger as well. so fun

  10. Shouldn't this say 'My' girl lol. Otherwise you're implying she's another gender.

  11. I'm not sure if it was intentional but that emote always comes across like you're a dickhead after a win.

  12. I used to wear shit like this in highschool. Makes me embarrassed just thinking about it.

  13. Ok so firstly this HAS to be taken seriously and her welfare is priority.

  14. If you challenge his story you are a racist and a homophobe. We need to support this person, now more than ever.

  15. I think Infinite only matching Infinite is a bad change. Most Infinite players don't mind losing games so it makes for an easier climb for others. Also it would just make Infinite rank bot city.

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