1. This sounds incredible, you couldn’t keep me away from this thing if I was a member.

  2. Try re watching the videos, and I found writing sentences with every chapter super helpful. but if writing isn't your thing I use Renshuu for grammar and that helps a bit. Also if you've gotten to the verb section just remember the verb always goes at the end i always think that important bits are at the end. hope this helps

  3. All good points, I’m almost done with the first book and then the counters threw me for a big loop. I need to check renshuu, thank you.

  4. Lots of great advice here. Ultimately every situation is different. I too am a Christian so I understand that aspect. I’m a big fan of offering foot massages and gauging the reaction from there. Most women won’t turn that down, and just don’t be weird about it, like don’t go for anything crazy just massage her feet. Maybe ask if you can take her socks off or not, but that’s always a great gauge and starting point to me.

  5. I'm a pantyhose foot fetish guy. So foot jobs are something I love to see. I agree it's difficult to find good ones. I've been a member of many sites back in the day and there were good ones. But they mostly catered to pantyhose and pantyhose feet. Not sure if I'm welcomed here lol

  6. Men of culture indeed. I almost love socks/nylons/hose/netting better than just bare feet. It give you something to enjoy and then remove when you’re ready.

  7. Telling someone you work with exactly how shitty they are in great detail.

  8. If Alison Bries partner requested it I’m sure she would partake. She has such an awesome open minded attitude.

  9. I agree, I’m fairly certain she has as much as she’s mentioned it over the years.

  10. My opinion here is, don’t knock it until you try it. Have you sucked her toes or licked her soles? You never know, you may really like it.

  11. This will be an unpopular opinion but I prefer sexy socks or nylons over bare most times

  12. I have zero experience as I’ve never bought anything but I’d say you’ll have a majority want worn socks. But you’d have to commit to wearing the same pair X amount of time and really make it worth while based on pricing. I think the sky’s the limit depending on what you’re willing to do.

  13. I’m really late to this party but I’ll throw my hat in the ring. I’m a male and I didn’t tell my wife until we decided to get engaged. She’s not really into it but allows me to do what I want to her feet. All that being said I’ve tried find ways that she may enjoy it or get something out of it.

  14. I too have all the base but not many extra MFs

  15. All F2P games have this kind of pricing. If you want it get it, there’s no shame in spending money on things you enjoy.

  16. Well honestly I’d be ashamed to spend this much for this little.

  17. And that’s okay, I mean I’m not spending that either but it doesn’t disgust me or even shock me. I’m just saying, no shame to anyone that bought this, if you have the money and enjoy the game go for it.

  18. I’m on PS and it can take six minutes sometimes but I get games pretty regularly. Not saying it’s not an issue but I don’t have much trouble.

  19. Indeed I can, which path have you chosen? Any thoughts on the topic?

  20. I’m 23 M & suffer from what sounds like EXACTLY the same things. Would be interested to discuss this more in the DMs!

  21. Feel free to do so, thanks for the comment!

  22. The game tells you near the beginning of the game that the apartment is decoratable and anything you put in there should be saved.

  23. I’m playing on PC but yeah I agree. I thought spending your cash on the figures was supposed to be the benefit of decorating your apartment but they just disappear each time

  24. Theory is that most people with crazy high raider levels (like 85 etc) are leaving survivor games to up priority quickly.

  25. I had guessed this, that they would just drop a survivor game until they got raider. There needs to be a punishment for that.

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