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Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. That's me to my wife every day she comes home from work. Boy, do I get excited to see her. I literally have to push past our pups just to give her a hug. Haha it's a rat race for love. 😂

  2. Sounds delightful may you two always bring out each other's warmth and love!

  3. PS5 ans Xbox Series X are next gen consoles. Switch an awesome console but it is not a next gen console and any system that came out before the PS5 and Xbox Series X is not next gen. What is it are you trying to express?

  4. These fools really thought they wouldn't be caught. What is sad about this is that this goes on in other areas where they don't have cameras, and if you look back in time, this went on a lot more as well.

  5. Sandcrawler from Star Wars!

  6. Hi there 😊 thanks for the shout out!

  7. She didn't do it intentionally relax dude lol

  8. Definitely too much time in the heat, probably a plastic after taste.

  9. I gave a truck space last week and the driver did this too and it made me so excited lol

  10. So it does happen more often that is awesome!

  11. Of course he would say that. He's peer lied all over his resume. Not surprised coming from someone who passed a bill so quickly to help his other peers to escape tax accountability.

  12. That is one sugar rush ride!

  13. They want to cut funding in order to help their friends who cheat on their taxes. Its deplorable!

  14. So the very first bill is to make sure rich corporations and people continue not to pay taxes. Set up nonsense partnerships with no economical substance but to use them as tax shelters to hide their earnings. He wants to ensure they don't get caught. Disappointing indeed.

  15. Buys Twitter to make news about him and get attention

  16. Here's another article that explains alternate methods if you can't get your hands on medication.

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