1. Once your input is no longer needed so once the animation starts playing. Keep them held down and it should work every time as long as it is the transform pose he goes for

  2. Should just work really. Easiest to just hold the triggers and which ever direction or button as soon as the brutality starts. Never had an issue getting it if I want it.

  3. Okay so what would classify as it starting? Like as soon as the screen darkens and it’s about to start or whenever he starts the animation for the brutality ie soul steal?

  4. This why digital art isn’t real. The tablet does everything for you

  5. No art is real. It’s all a representation of life you dip shit.

  6. It terms of crafting and creating. It’s not. Idiot

  7. i highly doubt young men and boys WANT to be raped by an adult. if you're into teachers then fine, whatever, that's your business. but as somebody who was groomed and molested by more than one person growing up, do NOT tell this boy that what his teacher is doing is cool. he could very well end up being heavily traumatized by this lady all because she's lonely and wants someone to sleep with her. she is more than capable of finding an ADULT to do so.

  8. “I highly doubt young men would want to be RAPED by an adult” You’re not a man. So you can’t speak for us. Your take is invalid, Rape is when you DONT want to engage in sexual activities. Most guys who go through this WANT it. Therefore not making it rape. Stop trying to spread your women views on dudes mindsets

  9. LMFAO THIS DUDE DOESNT KNOW WHAT STATUTORY RAPE IS!!!!!!! children cannot consent dude. OP is a child being actually groomed by an adult

  10. If I’m going back to when I was in school, and one of my teachers are acting like this, I’m smashing, I can consent because I’m a man. No women is raping me against my will even if I didn’t want it. You’re a women so you prolly just don’t understand

  11. You gotta fall back. Work on yourself and let her come to you. If you try and plead to get back with her is going to ensure she won’t get back with you. Cause now you look desperate. So don’t talk to her at all. 0 contact. Work on yourself and then she’ll come and she’ll prolly test you to see if you changed and when you do, you’ll pass her test and it will be up to you if you still want her back. Just don’t talk to her rn

  12. What system? Im on both but I wont be on till next week, just started learning the game if you dont mind playing a newer player

  13. Xbox. A couple days ago it was working fine. I was finding players consistently. Now I can’t fina a single player and yeah it’s cool

  14. You need a foundation. You need guidelines. Draw a vertical line that matches the angle of the face and a horizontal line that matches the angle of the eye brows in the middle, and draw another horizontal line below the eyebrow line half of that space. And that will be your eyebrow line, nose line, and half of that space below the nose line draw another horizontal line, that will be the mouth line. But I will say. It gets problematic when you don’t start with the face and you build around the face. Cause now you’re forced to use the left over space you left for the face which causes problems cause it might come out wrong due to the face being stuck with you building around it. Instead of establishing the face first which gives you freedom to draw it accurately

  15. Her face is too narrow. Need way more value in the shading. And it needs dimension. Your drawing looks flat. The shading also needs to be blended more. Hard outlines have to go. Eyes are to close, they are too big. Hair needs more value and needs to be smoother.

  16. Spamming is legit lol. I mean if you can win by spamming the same move then you should do it.

  17. Don’t delete it. If it was me I would’ve dropped her once she did that other grimey thing. But if you delete it, she gonna think you weak. So he assertive. Tell her no, and that’s it. Don’t argue with her. Don’t go back and forth. Be cool and collected. If she not with it. Leave her. And she’ll come back to you. And YOULL have all the power. Not her

  18. Ayee a NC native 🤙🏼 and don’t approach the situation. Just live your life and if the situation finds you, then just act like yourself now. If you run into them keep things short and condescending if you can. And move on

  19. tell her this is what YOU want. As it’s better to be in shape. It’s healthy. If she not with it, then do it anyway

  20. If you feeling dude then it shouldn’t matter. He obviously likes you so ofc he gonna look

  21. Let her continue to live in delusion. You did all you could by telling her what the situation is. If she wanted to leave. She would. She gotta wake up to the real world at some point

  22. I would love to see this teachers work/art. To say using references is tracing is idiotic. I can tell bro is trying to be a “philosopher” and trying to make a name for himself in the community

  23. Get out in the sun, stop masturbating , play some sports, master some crafts, talk to girls. And you’ll be fine

  24. “The moon is beautiful isn’t it?” Saying some corny shi like that. Just tell bro you don’t like him. There’s no way you can tell him without him feeling some typa way. Tell him maybe if he stop saying corny shi like that maybe he’d get some hoes

  25. You should break up with him tbh/ following girls that don’t follow back is crazy.

  26. Ngl wet dreamz and note to self above no role modelz is crazy.

  27. You stop by realizing that you think everyone is judging you, and paying attention to you so they can critique you but the truth is. No one is patting attention, and even if they were they genuinely don’t care enough to think/react to you. So just chill out. Stop masterbating, go outside and get some sun. Do that every day for at least an hour

  28. Act like nothing happened. Be calm, cool and collected about it. Little inconveniences like this happen everyday. It’s life

  29. Play sports, play basketball. Go out in public, just chill

  30. We actually know each other from work! But it's the first time I'll be meeting him in "different circumstances" lol and he seems pretty excited for the movies so I don't think there's much I can do lol. But thank you! You're right it's best if I show up as myself anyway :D

  31. Oh okay so y’all are familiar with each other. That’s good. But yeah I would say just be yourself, enjoy the time and since it’s y’all’s first time seeing each other out of the work place I would say try and kick it after the movies. So the date don’t end with the movie ends.

  32. The movies??? That’s a terrible first date spot. Cause y’all can’t even get to know each other cause y’all gonna be watching something. You should try and change it to something else if you can. And just be yourself. If you don’t like you for you then it’s on to the next

  33. No, don’t message her back. That’s the worse thing you can do. The only right thing to do when a girl does that, is it pull back even further. Ghost her. When she replies to you, wait just as long or even longer. Cause if you do text her, then you look desperate and it looks like you got nothing going on your life. But if you pull back, she will think that she’s not that important to you and that you got better things to do which in turn make her go after you.

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