1. Thanks! Looking at the trail map, Discovery doesn't look very big a place for two days unless you're doing advanced stuff. Or am I making that up?

  2. Yep, that's kinda the inspiration for this, since I'm having problems with the MO DMV... sorta, we don't really have one. No, really, we have one DMV office, the rest are contract offices, and even basic tasks can get you different instructions and forms depending on the office you go to.

  3. Nope, I'm QUITE to old to WRITE letters to Santa. I just know that things won't change if we don't make our voices heard. The trumpers and qanon fuckers count on left leaning people in red states to not vote.

  4. They also don’t pick up their dog shit. Hiked there on Saturday and saw multiple piles AND owners that let their dogs do their business and keep walking.

  5. Nice, thick enough for ice fishing or should I plan on sticking to fly fishing the streams?

  6. You ate at Pauls for two consecutive days?

  7. I volunteered here while I was in school many years ago. They do some cool work.

  8. Shoe traction grips! It’s ice season here, and walking to/from the car is much safer and easier with “crampons” or “yak traks” (lots of names for them). They strap on to your shoes easily and when you’re carrying groceries trust me- they’re a LIFESAVER!

  9. My wife wants to move west, preferably Montana. We went there on vacation and various family members have spent time in the state. We are from the South if that matters. (My way of saying I don't plan to change anything if/when I get there)

  10. i am ALWAYS appreciative of any resource that i can learn. i'm in billings, so butte is irrelevant now during my montana adventure. i lived out of state and traveled to montana to kayak and party before i moved here. butte is still on my shit list, but i'd love to learn more about the town. it's pretty cool watching 1923, and i can identify the street they're on.

  11. The last old school industrialist alive…. Denny Washington. Born and raised Montana. Invests heavily in the state and the U.

  12. All that good stuff they did in Butte for sure. 😵‍💫🤪

  13. Yeah I’ve had Amazon Prime since I moved into town 8 years ago and I’ve never gotten anything within 2 days. 5 days is pretty typical, 4 if I order on a Monday.

  14. Look, your smart ass answer isn't helpful. I don't mind hiking in, but I'm also looking for somewhere to stay as an overnight getaway. Get off your high horse.

  15. Climate wise. In southern illinois we get 60 degrees one day and 0 degrees the next at any given time of the year. You always have summer and winter attire out in dressers. I don’t mind climate because I experience generally all climate always. Oh yeah, lots of wind too!

  16. People did have a choice! Be responsible with debt. There’s good and bad debt. Look for opportunities, such as Montana, to build something. We have a house in Los Angeles we’ve owned since the 60s. We have a home in Arizona. We have a home in Hawthorne (Los Angeles city line is literally three blocks eastbound).

  17. Phew. That was quick. I bet billings and all your new friends there are awesome!

  18. They could just move back to where ever they came from. Problem solved!

  19. Dont worry about all the exhaust you're pumping out ... as long as you are comfortable. God humans are dumb as fuck

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