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  1. What part of Canada is that accent from? It sounds like the opposite of non-rhotic accents. So unique! I would have thought that’s actually a non-native accent. TIL

  2. I’ll take a red line wait time bitching post over this nonsense any day… please.

  3. Raise a bear from infancy around people 24/7. Still no guarantee it won't snap one day though. Or just get upset and swat your face off accidentally.

  4. Interesting. It never occurred to me one could even attempt to raise a bear like a pet (notwithstanding the dangers involved). I just thought it wasn’t possible at all.

  5. Look up "Wojtek" he was a grizzly bear that a soldier bought as a cub during WW2 and he served as the unofficial mascot of a company of soldiers. He went everywhere with them and lived with them full time.

  6. When you’re wrong, you’re at fault. When she’s wrong, you’re at fault. When you’re both wrong, you’re at fault.

  7. When neither one is at fault, you’re still at fault. Sorry, needed to complete the only one you missed.

  8. Some quirky funny retarded overused joke mfs like to pull in every single post in this bitch. Better get used to it.

  9. Dog looks like he's playing. Cats look like they're attacking. Cats are assholes.

  10. The dog is playing. As gentle as they are, Golden Retrievers are very strong and could kill those little cats easily.

  11. Well, if you really restrict the lion to a fist fight and the lion were to graciously accept the rules and potentially defeat for not abiding by said rules, then technically a human would win the “fist fight” because lions don’t really know (and probably can’t) how to form a fist with their paws.

  12. Guys he’s right every time I talk to an average person and say I like jazz they slap me.

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