1. So did you just get written permission to clock overtime? In all seriousness, I saw that you're non-exempt so I would be in with HR and going to the FLSA website and brushing up on all of that stuff.

  2. I'm not entirely sure how to go about this but I'm 20 so just barely out of the teen phase and definitely had phone and internet access growing up. I am also working towards a cyber security degree.

  3. If your tests are fine and you don't want to go to another doctor then you should listen to your current doctor. There isn't anything physically wrong with you it's all in your head and you need therapy.

  4. But I haven't been told that, if I was told that by my doctors (multiple not just one) then I'd be elated because at that point I'd actually know what's wrong and get some form of communication with them.

  5. I just spent a while reading this comment section and your reply history and I believe that I understand your concerns just a little bit better now. Are you frustrated because you don't understand what your treatment plan is or why? I could also see you being frustrated about your questions not getting answered immediately or you not understanding what certain tests are and why they're performed.

  6. My daughter gets called a boy regardless of how pink and frilly her outfit is. Someone at a store once told us that "he's gonna play football with daddy one day." Okay so.... I guess she can't play football?

  7. Just my opinion but a makeup bag is something that doesn’t excite me at all. Especially a travel bag, unless you make monthly use of it it’s kinda eh.

  8. Yes. Shitty performers at all levels in fact. I have always managed around outcome with little thought to when, where people worked, so we didn’t see a lot of changes other than shorter commutes and probably more performance overall as people gave some of their commute time to work as well as working when they used to be doing small talk around the office.

  9. It definitely made my coworkers and bosses more likely to call me at any time they please.

  10. WFH has given me a huge mental health "break" I'm able to be flexible, work in different environments depending on my mood or if something important is happening. It's allowed me to prioritize myself and my family just a bit better, and I don't have to deal with certain noises and chatty coworkers.

  11. I've been told something similar, but what's funny is sometimes I just want to sit with those feelings a bit regardless of how uncomfortable they are because I can reflect on them. Nobody needs to be happy 24/7, we have emotions for a reason.

  12. Maybe? You can be 100% numb to something and still do it so I don't see what the difference would be in this situation.... I feel like some form of attraction or a weird compatibility thing would be at play though

  13. I'm trying to learn and really stuck on katakana currently, do you have any suggestions?

  14. Don’t panic! Katakana takes a weirdly long time for most foreigners, way longer than hiragana. It often take several years for it to “click”! Really just a case of practicing. Though sometimes I had fun writing English sentences out or texting friends in only katakana. Very silly, but it does help it all sink in!

  15. I might just try writing or journaling a whole bunch to get the hang of it, I didn't realize that katakana would take longer than hiragana! Thank you for helping!

  16. Yes, my lo sleeps in the weirdest positions (even fell asleep with her foot in her mouth, in that same position). As long as she's not at a risk for suffocating then I don't mind it.

  17. In the US, kids don't normally start kindergarten until they're at least 5. Kids often go to preschool at ages 3-4, but it's not mandatory and many do not go.

  18. I know that my mom had to put me in childcare because of the age thing. With the stepdaughter turning 5 after the school year has started, it's likely that they might have to wait until SD is 6. A few other things also go into that though like school boundaries/transport, registration guidelines, public/private/charter, etc.

  19. Within just a couple months that baby is only going to be doing two naps and needing lots of attention during the day. I really don’t feel like this is sustainable at all to be working from home full time with a young baby. You are going to need to figure out childcare for both children sooner rather than later.

  20. Some babies will also scream for a long time because they simply want exercise or a new environment to be in. Can't really have them in a playpen constantly if the baby is like that. Can't be chasing a baby around while working either.

  21. I worked in daycare for 15 years. I never once had a parent or guardian lay a finger on another child that wasn’t theirs. Talk to them, yea of course but pick up?”take to a quiet place??” Sounds like borderline kidnapping to me. She is so far out of line trying to get your kid sick too. I would literally cut her off and she would never see my family again..

  22. Yeah, if you're not staff and parents/guardians that are authorized to keep the child safe and watch them, you aren't given explicit permission by the parents of the kid at daycare, and you are attempting to take a child out of sight from staff then it should be an immediate attempted kidnapping charge.

  23. I don't get it, everything seems to be turning into a dating app or full of scams. I just wanted to try and get my husband and I some parent friends, cause it's hard when nobody else around you has kids.

  24. I'm confused/curious about this. What if you don't purchase a capsule car seat? Do they make you carry a car seat into the hospital, strap the baby in and then carry the whole thing with the baby in it back to the car?

  25. This is what happened to me! The baby won't be in the car seat but you will be carrying that thing in and out of the hospital. You bring it in to get it inspected, take it back to the car and have a nurse watch to make sure you install it properly, then they'll give you baby to strap in and then check how secure everything is for the second time.

  26. Where the heck is this a rule??? Not where I am from.

  27. I know of at least three states in the US that have this rule. There's probably quite a few more, but I've only been to those three and I'm aware of the laws there. For the others, I don't want to talk about something that I don't know.

  28. NOPE I've got kids and family outside of work. Are they going to cover the property theft and possible identity theft from this? My job won't even let me give their number to my kids school In case of emergency..... That flimsy locker wouldn't help anyone.

  29. It's really the jewelry that matters, dainty things, jewels/gems, etc. Lip rings can look really good if they are done right too, my favorites though are dermal that are by the eye/cheekbone area that can also be pulled off by just using some eyelash glue and rhinestones.

  30. It sounds to me like he’s undiagnosed something. There’s something there inhibiting his ability to hold a steady a job and be reliable. He probably feels pretty shit about it. I’ve had a similar path to your husband and tbh it destroys your self esteem. This year I’ve finally discovered after 31 years that I’m likely autistic and hve adhd. HUGE NEWS. Massive impact in every area of my life and totally flew under everyone’s radar inc mine because I was never fully aware of what I was doing hiding behaviours that weren’t up to scratch. Maybe you can find an adult adhd checklist online and see if he’d help you fill it out? Maybe print off a few things and have a discussion…maybe it’s a developmental thing, maybe it’s just typical depression or anxiety ruining his ability to function…there’s something going on. Best of luck OP

  31. While I fully agree with you, I also feel like leaving that up to professionals is more beneficial especially when several illnesses and disabilities look the same and can be difficult to distinguish.

  32. This is a classic case of reverse dysphoria. You were born female, your brain is female, but certain medical conditions or genetics make you have features that remind you of the male sex, and you don’t like that because you instinctively know you are female and that something is wrong.

  33. Thank you for helping me understand a bit better! And I definitely will be talking with my therapist about this, I just haven't gotten enough courage to do so because it feels silly. I know that a lot of people wish to be in the circumstances that I'm in, and vocalizing the discomfort feels kinda invalidating to them.

  34. Since you have a working number, you can make a free Google voice number. Transfer all your social media to that number, and you can still keep/use your old one.

  35. Peanut butter, or any nut butter can really step up your cooking game and change the flavor. Leftover Mac and cheese? Add a small bit of almond butter, it'll make it seem like it's a completely new dish. Kids don't like vegetables? Peanut butter.

  36. Life just sucks, I personally have been struggling with connecting with myself. I truly don't know who I am, and I definitely don't understand my body. That's a different story though.

  37. You know when doctors ask you if you've had any negative thoughts and then follow that up with "do you have any plans?".... Yeah, this is similar. Having thoughts like that and saying them is enough to bring up huge red flags.

  38. I hope you figure it out soon! Once you pinpoint it it'll be an overnight change! You got this mama, give yourself some love and grace.

  39. We figured it out! She's got mild pleurisy, we also found out that immune system issues run in my family. I was asking my mom a ton of questions about it since she has a medical education. We are waiting for some test results to come back but from what we've been told, she'll be okay soon.

  40. I am too! I can't believe that it took this long to figure out though, I know a good portion of that is my fault but they should've caught it in the urgent care.

  41. It's the internet, an ex-colleague of mine ended up finding me on here and shitting on the fact that I ask a lot of questions about genetics and medical issues. I don't even have a picture of me uploaded to Reddit, I didn't tell him that I had reddit, and I never told him about my medical journey.

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