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  1. I still think the number is a new number because it’s a day later, not necessarily means they borrowed them, but that’s just my opinion

  2. Running up then dumping as always. Bought 200 more shares today. So cheap. Hopefully we break out for real soon

  3. You were hoping for lower prices a few hours ago? You even hope for sub 2. Bipolar shill even more sad

  4. Like clockwork. Here comes the dump. Ohwell another sale to buy I guess 🚀🚀

  5. Haha wait you are actually right until now, dropped to like 3.57 and back at 3.70 now

  6. It’s weird that loopring is also pumping along with meme stocks. Up 10% now.

  7. wat is this - volume for ANTS?

  8. Hahaha i think you need to see a doctor, your eyes have cancer in them🤡

  9. Nope ! I watch level 2 each day, and we didn’t see this volume at market close since month

  10. I’ve seen the orderbook go times 10 on the last minut lol all the time. You’re not looking i guess

  11. These people have no idea what they are talking about, and are not to be reasoned with. If they think they can spot "spoofing" on webulls order book then theres nothing that can be said to convince them of anything else beyond their own cognitive bias.

  12. We’re at a 30 year low, and this guy posts a 0,02% green day🤣

  13. Crash is already happening.

  14. If we’re dropping random people’s twitter posts in this sub.. when can we upload cute cat pics too?

  15. So your saying you can hold the raging demon back forever even though the chains binding his ankles are rusting away…

  16. Who is “they” and is “they” in the room with us right now?

  17. Really my mentality has change. Shorts and maybe company dropping this price so low is a huge oppertunity for us to buy cheap? I mean if it wasnt the case I wouldnt afford like 1000 more shares if we was sitting at 20-30$+. I see this dip to sub 3 as a golden oppertunity. Only me?

  18. Damn. Glad I bought this morning. Buy more now or wait for a dip? Thats the questions. Everything under 10$ is a steal tho?

  19. The Netherlands won against Senegal. Did everyone start destroying car windows from bystanders? No right? Then why did Moroccans do that?

  20. I would love to hear an explanation from yog

  21. Jesus. I put €15 on Wales, England and Netherlands to draw. Iran scored in min 98.. god

  22. Lmao if someone thinks either gme or bbby will go 1000+ your mentally ill.

  23. HKD went to $2550 from $24 was pretty insane but it did happen so no we're not mentally ill to think a short squeeze could go higher than that. I didn't invest in BBBY to price anchor or downplay my own investment. Shorting has infinite loss potential and I wanna see how far they're willing to Fuck themselves.

  24. 1000, 2500 same shit. This guy talking 10 million 😂😂😂😂

  25. I can not comprehend that this shit is even possible. Insanity.

  26. I’d be waking up in the morning at 12+ , dont wanna ask for too much

  27. I’ve seen about 94 bullish flags since august. Maybe soon we see Japan’s flag on the chart, that would be bullish!

  28. But then again, I see you posting crap about BBBY all the time.

  29. Im holding 3000 shares and didnt sell at 30. I’m just tired of all these useless posts.

  30. I got banned from WSB for talking positive about bbby. I think shits going to pop off soon

  31. Day 2; up €1800 Day 3; Lost €350 so at €1450 profit now Day 4 Picks; Croatia, Belgium, Germany and Spain to win.

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