Markets are crashing, crypto is on fire, yet GameStop (GME) investors remain calm. Why? Find out on r/Superstonk: exposing Wall Street corruption with research and memes

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  1. Guess what? Gme is shit too. Even their chair is a coprophile. Just look at his twitter page.

  2. 😀 😍 🤩 ☺️ 😃 😀 😍 🤩 ☺️ 😃 😀 😍 🤩

  3. Tak for at dele din historie. Jobcentrerne gør mere skade end gavn. Uden tvivl

  4. Jeg tager gerne en diskussion men downvotes betyder jo at man ikke finder mit indlæg relevant og så er der ikke rigtig basis for en diskussion.

  5. Du skal ikke bestemme hvorfornjeg downvoter dig

  6. Det kan vi ikke da vi har fastkurspolitik, så vi må vente på ECB får fingeren ud.

  7. ECB kommer ikke til at gøre så meget. Vores sydeuropæiske venner i unionen har fået meget gæld

  8. MOOOOOOOODDDSSSS!!!!!! We got a gambling person 💜💜💜

  9. A reliable source told me MOASS might be tomorrow. Perhaps release is also tomorrow.

  10. Fuuuck it. Im in! Looove tomorrowtheories!!!!!

  11. I dont understand gamestopNFTs emojis? I might be old, but im also retarded

  12. The less smooth the brain the more inclined you are to say inflation is "transitory." Seems they use the wrinkles to make excuses ... not necessarily to think critically of the real underlying economic conditions.

  13. I can imagine, unlimited printing “you get a dollar, he gets a dollar, she gets a dollar…” oh wait they already have been doing that and now we are in the current monetary policy mess.

  14. Damn it! I’ve tried clicking REPLAY VIDEO like 3x. Then I tried to unmute. Me so stupid

  15. ONE OFNUS!!! ONE OF US!!!! ONE OF US!!!!!

  16. How do i do that? Cant link screenshots in comments?

  17. You Are da real MVP!!! Thank you dear apetard

  18. Indeed, I see them everywhere all angry-confident about how Real Estate can’t possibly go down again and saying things like “this isn’t 2008” and “nearly everyone has a fixed rate mortgage this time” etc. I just keep thinking, “ ha, just spotted another one of those bought at the top soon-to-be big ol’ bag holders.”

  19. So buy high sell low only works for stonks? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

  20. I started with $3,000 in 2020, and converted it to $80,000 last January and kept reinvesting, ROBINHOOD blocked my trades and was at $900,000 and by the time I could trade again it dropped to less than $50,000 and now I’m at $5,000

  21. That’s what gets me hyped for other merchandising partnerships. Imagine one with Nike….

  22. Adidas, luis vutton, gucci and wu tang clan!

  23. Gm = guildmaster? Sounds like a Nice job if you were in a guild!

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