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  1. I will not stop saying it until it stops being true. The pod is the greatest show on earth. I got my potato chips and a can of pop ready to go for tonight. (I saved the earlier week's episode until now.)

  2. Is the Pod the show they do on Wednesday?? No, that’s hockey talk. What’s the pod??

  3. Jesus Christ AQ, they were just disagreeing with your Joe Denardo take

  4. The show wouldn’t be half as good without Connor. He doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

  5. Yeah I too agree with this but also agree every once in awhile, Connor can be too much.

  6. One of my absolute favorites for the price to consistent batch after batch quality! Except lately they have upped their prices on willies reserve products

  7. I took part in helping this get packaged!! I seriously hope you enjoy 🤗

  8. Michigan always has dry buds lacking smell.

  9. Exactly. The bud out there is not bad it’s just mostly an abundance of dry shit. Ohio will be the same once we go REC and everyone gets there hands in. so I dig the system we have right now

  10. It looks good but for the same price and higher thc% I got an oz from Michigan

  11. It was not Woodward quality trust me

  12. I’ve freeze dried my buds before and didn’t really prefer the consistency or taste personally. I did a sided by side comparison with nugs from the same plant half freeze dried and half dried normally for 14 days at 60F/60RH.

  13. Love that you know this much about growing flower. Hope to be as smart as you one day on these certain topics

  14. Yessir it does not come with a nail though for concentrates for everyone’s information

  15. It was packaged less than 2 months ago though?? Started curing after the harvest in November right?

  16. It’s an amazing grinder. But what those head shops charge is absurd… $105 plus tax for a big one like my red one above…. You get it for $45 at Herbology

  17. I bought an iDaisy 2” 5 piece grinder for 20 bucks. It’s worked great for 5 years and still going strong but I want a new one. The Santa Cruz stuff always looks nice.

  18. Yesss well as you can see the screen does a pretty good job at producing keef if that’s your thing

  19. How does this compare to… the sour blue diesel?? If you haven’t tried that strain it’s very diesel’y it’s so perfect

  20. if i'm being honest, the smell and presentation was amazing but the effect wasn't there. sour blue is MUCH better. this one almost smoked like an indica. not a fan and wasn't very strong despite the 30% thc. I'm learning that doesn't really matter as much.

  21. Is this for tier II flower? Or 1

  22. So I can get >23% thc flower for the same amount of days as <23% thc flower

  23. I have already had super sour orange and it’s a toss between this and that. Does it have an overly powerful grapefruit taste??

  24. Thanks for the review, any chance you may have also previously tried Kel's Orange Soda and if it may be similar? I currently have some Kel's, but have been wanting to give the Super Sour Orange a try as well, but if similar will hold off till the Kel's is gone.

  25. I believe It was orange 43 that I had tried before. Either way that deal was something else

  26. Completely leveled out my anxiety and helped me get off my couch. Would definitely recommend this strain to anyone really. The different terps really hit on this too.

  27. grabbing a half of the grapefruit sour dream tomorrow

  28. Super sour orange oz for $213 out the door after tax. Not shake all big ass nugs

  29. EVERYONE get their super sour orange oz for $200 EVERYBODY

  30. Do you remember how much you paid? My local dipso has it for $46

  31. I didn’t like HOD when I visited. Not the friendliest or cleanest…

  32. I too was wondering how many days

  33. Ouch I’m out of days for another week and my local dispo has it :-(

  34. I got the same starter pack and indica flavor. That mango is something else !

  35. Literally just did the same thing… except cherry flavored ;)

  36. Oh man, where to start. We had multiple (2 as far as I know) teacher/staff student relationships that got exposed. Ending in divorce and years in prison for our guidance counselor. To be honest I’m good friends with the dude who was banging her... I have never asked him about it.

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