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  1. Well we already know he's a normal dude as he had a wife and kid as seen in New Vegas.

  2. Back to the Future 3 proves it's possible to have a wife and family and be a time traveler

  3. Wernstrom's is clearly better since it at least has a machine gun. Everyone knows ranged weapons are superior. Farnsworth's are all melee weapons and not even good ones at that. I mean come on, you have any idea how long it takes to kill someone with a circular saw? Sure its intimidating but highly inefficient.

  4. Farnsworth's is for at home use and wernstrom's is for on the go use

  5. Is it? I mean it wouldn't be that different than shrimp or lobster.

  6. It's unknown whether the fusion cores use magnetically propelled fusion or pressurized fusion.(not the scientific names, just descriptions using offhand knowledge)

  7. Pre-war money is only worth the cloth it's minted on. Which is probably more than it was worth in 2077 as a fiat currency.

  8. Feralization in a ghoul happens when they take prolonged exposure to radiation, it damaged their brain and causes them to exhibit loss of cognition and extreme violent tendencies.

  9. It's likely that the Institute is just trying to keep the commonwealth in a constant state of paranoia to prevent them from rebuilding.

  10. While it varies from ghoul to ghoul, the prevailing idea is that their metabolisms are operating as slowly as possible. They have to take much higher dosages of chems for the same effect, they need a lot less food or water, and when unconscious they can survive for decades without food, air, or water.

  11. This is a theory on my part, but I think it makes sense.

  12. The world of fallout deviates from our world in one very meaningful way.

  13. Flip-lighters do exist. It's likely they canonically are quite plentiful everywhere, but we're only included in FO4 for the robust scavenging system.

  14. Vaults where built over a relatively long period of time. Changes in architects, advances in technology, and even just different regional contractors all likely played a part.

  15. The west coast is mostly disconnected and densely populated areas in vast seas of nothing. The new worlders repopulated in the unirradiated nothing parts. That and assistance from Mr.House allowed civilization to flourish on the west coast.

  16. i think you mean Old Nick but yeah i guess Santa works as well

  17. Are you sure it isn't that he accidentally installed Gorilla OS on humans and the angry and socially domineering ones thought they were the default and took over?

  18. I think the discrepancy is caused by men not putting effort into their appearance by default, causing the standard encounter man to be more ugly.

  19. Can't fire type Pokemon control whether they burn people or not?

  20. How many wasps is considered a "lifetime supply"?

  21. I always enjoyed "magic exists but can be understood through science"

  22. You don't specify in what arrangement it's summoned in. I could be a cheesey spider man with this power

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