1. scales only work with a government. too easy to make cheating scales. Think pawnshops when they buy scrap gold. They will use bizarre conversion units on desperate people.(usually minimally educated)

  2. There's a lot more government in fallout than you'd think. A town with a mayor, or a tribe with a chief is still a government. And considering they all have to trade resources with each other, it gets more and more difficult to completely scam people.

  3. The problem isn't local time to local town is that these places have to interact with each other. There needs to be a standardized weight unit across the entire wasteland. And who's enforcing that? And who's regulating the weights would be incredibly difficult. However, it would not be incredibly difficult to just count out 100 and say here's 100 caps. I think it's rare for the average person to be making purchases much higher than a couple dozen caps per day. I mean you kill an enemy and sometimes you only find 10 caps on them. The player itself is kind of a specialized thing where they get access to as much as the waste that has to offer. For larger settlements making huge purchases, that's possible that they use more of a part of the system.

  4. The unit of measure is effectively the same as the unit of currency. Plus, scales already existed. The cap because west coast standard like 15 years after the great war, and the east coast had it to begin with.

  5. How would superior athletic ability make you more difficult for governments to fight?

  6. We have that, too. Our eyes are digital cameras.

  7. A 2,000% increase in education spending and childcare for the next 30 years.

  8. No, this line is meant to imply obliviousness to Noelle's crushitude

  9. I think this movie would've been infinitely better if Lou Albano wasn't dead.

  10. For those who want their consciousness copied or moved to something, how do you get past the likelihood that it's no longer "you"? Do you just accept death in exchange for a copy of you continuing?

  11. You don't get past that, you realize that you're not real.

  12. Consciousness isn't, or the sense of self and individuality isn't?

  13. Consciousness is an illusion, and identity doesn't work in real life.

  14. No, think of consciousness like a program that needs hardware to run.

  15. Because they're busy with their own problems

  16. Medic would trick people into bullying him so he can claim self defense when he steals their organs.

  17. Bugs would honestly be a lot less off-putting of they were that big.

  18. It's possible that you're both bad at the game and experiencing tracking issues.

  19. Is she drinking maple syrup, or is that just a comedically large whisky?

  20. Steam trains are obsolete. Diesel locomotives have long since surpassed them. Higher efficiency.

  21. A highly customizable, durable, and repairable human-passing android running completely on firmware. No windows, Linux, nothing.

  22. I'm here to help people and rebuild the world.

  23. Phones and whatnot typically require power and connection to function. You can download stuff before the internet goes out and still use all the things you downloaded, but you wouldn’t be able to look up anything. You could use it as a flashlight and for spare parts, but since I’m not well versed or anything in the world of smartphones I’m not sure what kind of useful parts they are going to have.

  24. A smartphone would be rather useful in the apocalypse. You've got a pocket-sized infinity-paged notebook, a camera, a flashlight, and the ability to connect to networks build by survivors their camps and settlements or "settlenets"

  25. Scythes aren't a practical weapon or a versatile tool. They can cut plants good and that's it.

  26. Crows are a little too smart for this, they're great companions, but it's like using a supercomputer to cheat on an elementary school math test.

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