1. I can understand the latter portion of this video with what can be interpreted as physicality in the wild. However, in the beginning to see a caged tiger and lion being forced to face off behind bars appears to be little more than “The Show” of a dog fight and do not find this interesting but rather sad.

  2. Did you pursue early intervention outside of the preschool? I’ve never heard of a preschool having that niche of staff on board to even discuss behavior stuff 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. The school is a private one and has a behavioral specialist.

  4. It's a (dark, cynical) leap from their observations (no matter how inaccurate) to some nefarious scheme to intentionally misdiagnose and create major headaches for you with these deceptive reports, just for state money, yes? My go to on this would be incompetence, which although isnt surely a good thing, isn't at least intentionally dark and conspiratorial.. At the least, pull your kid out of the program and see it as a cautionary take that not everyone is really good at what they do, and as a result, are likely to blame you (or your child) for their own ineptitude.

  5. I understand this perspective and that is why we proactively sought out these evaluations to validate the suggested diagnosis to better provide for our child. Please know, no teacher provided diagnosis should ever stand on its own without validation by a licensed provider. I left a longer reply to another comment identifying why this conclusion has sadly been arrived at.

  6. Hiw did you find out? Because, sure they get extra aid to help kids with certain problems.

  7. When facilities in Minnesota get aid they receive a state employee for four hours in the class room and this facility was/is counting them as a staff number ratio purposes for the facility without having to pay them.

  8. While the Macgyver-esque of the explosive continues to demonstrate the high level of battle craft the Ukrainians have continuously demonstrated. Can we also acknowledge the extra cool points for the wasp reveal on the flip. Sharks with laser beams have nothing on wasps with grenades (IYKYK).

  9. Anyone else notice the deflector dip with the gunner dropping at the 1:08 mark where it looks like the gunner may have taken a round off the deflector. I hope the title is correct with the last clip showing the gunner alive and apparently well.

  10. Likely only meant as a distraction to pull forces from the south and east, to slow their advance and reinforcements, as they continue to gain ground.

  11. Would have to assume that if the highly touted "20 layers of defense" didn't save this thing then the FSB being named is strictly symbolic. If this wasn't a missile attack (leaning against) makes this strike even more embarrassing to think a VBED was able to stroll up through this impenetrable onion of security and take it out. From this alone would make one think it wasn't from a lack of effort previously but rather Ukraine simply didn't intended to strike it sooner.

  12. I am both a father, doctor (stating because he out of turn feels he can speak for others, naming doctors in the article) among other titles. I will continue to high-five both my patients, children, family, friends, and strangers. Everyone has their own voice. We are all just individuals trying to do our best in this thing we call life. To show appreciation and support to those around us to provide encouragement to continue to strive for our best is only acting as a good leader, friend, and a basic kind, decent, and caring human being.

  13. What about the spaghetti delivery scooter? Or is that just an optional accessory? I don't recall.

  14. I'm very sorry to hear about what you and your wife went through. Firstly, I would recommend contacting the office of patient affairs and discussing this. Secondly, I would recommend pursuing an evaluation. This isn't an uncommon outcome and may require a simple outpatient correction. Thirdly, consider therapy for your you and your wife going together can help you both deal with this and may make your bond stronger in the process. I wish the best for you and your wife.

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