1. Call a wildlife rehabilitator! Please do this. Baby rabbits are so very sensitive. They can live on a 50/50 mix of goat milk and kitten milk. And make sure it has water in a shallow dish so it doesn’t drown. Also give them a little alfalfa hay bc believe it or not it will eat it. You have to stimulate them so they can use the bathroom. The milk has to be warmed but not too hot. And they have to stay warm kept under fleece blankets. Make sure you change the blankets bc they urinate in them. This is so sad. I hope you can get someone to come get it.

  2. Oh wow. Someone told me April or October of this year so was getting two opinions.

  3. This is too cute. And literally how human kids are too. They smell you while they’re sleeping if you walk by the bedroom 🤣

  4. But: I think u did da poops. I dunno why they look like mine or why u would poop all over the place when u usually use the toilet but yeah... Clean it and feed me plox. K thx byeeeee

  5. might need some magnesium citrate to help with that constipation….poops are abnormally small

  6. "I think another bun broke in, ate all my food and pooped on the floor. I know! I'm as shocked as you hoom!" 🐰😲

  7. Oh yes my little one noticed cause it’s at his eye level, I was glad it didn’t jump at out his face

  8. True. I was attacked by a bird about that size in a parking garage. They will attack lol.

  9. If he is commenting on this, it means he is watching every damn post on the web & is bothered by every damn thing he sees. He is living in hell like literally every day of his life. Well deserved.

  10. I saw a post where someone’s rabbit burrowed into the ground and they never saw it again. 🙁

  11. At this point, Schwartz is a kamikaze pilot being ride or die for Sandoval. And this moment was the point that he realized this. He’s going down with that ship.

  12. How the hell are they gonna ride it if they can’t even lift it two inches off of the ground? 😂

  13. I have the ac on 100% of the time but we just got a new central air system and my roommate accidentally turned it off for like a hour early this morning but when i woke up i turned it back on and Harley was acting completely normal this morning up until i opened the windows like mid afternoon for only like a half hour just to air the food smell out but then didn’t even realize my state is covered in smoke and smells awful and thats when she started acting off . I closed the windows and then couple hours later -now shes been acting normal. Im still taking her to vet to make sure tommorow. But honestly i have had some issues breathing today and a headache i wonder if the smoke smell scared her or something

  14. She looks like she doesn’t feel well. If she’s pooping and peeing normally it may be something else. Buns can have arthritis and all sorts of other things going on that we don’t see.

  15. This doesn’t look like an elderly bun at all. He may be a larger breed baby.

  16. Schwartz is like I want to be this dudes friend but he’s making it so I can’t even justify being linked to him anymore. But yet there he is…still being a dumbass and ruining his life for Sandoval. I don’t get it.

  17. I just bought this shirt. 🤩 Schwartz had his head in his hands when Sandoval tore Ariana down about having sex in her T-shirt. Like he wants to stay friends with Sandoval but realizes he’s such a piece of shit that he can’t even justify having his back or being that dicks friend anymore. And yet there he is…still being a dummy.

  18. Yeah. Adoptable bunnies are most often kept alone or in pairs in cages that are a bit undersized to live your best life in. So it feels unfair to keep guys who won't or shouldn't be adopted out in that setup for years at a time. The retirement group works well, and they make great ambassadors at events. I just take the whole group and build a walk-in petting station.

  19. I did the same kind of bonding (thru the fence). Take the chicken wire off and allow them to be able to somewhat groom one another thru the gate (supervised of course). But this was an essential piece to my buns coming back together. Took me two years to bond them. And one of those years was like you are doing thru the gate. Doesn’t mean it will take that long for you. I just had one that was much larger than the other and I didn’t want her hurting the little one. In the end, I took a week off of work to complete the bonding. I allowed the smaller one into the others (more dominant bunnies area) for 5 mins, 10 mins, 20 mins…and always allowed for an escape route if she felt uncomfortable. Then the time just got longer thru out the week and they were bonded. Never bond in an area where they can run under beds and fight, etc. I don’t think that forced bonding in a short amount of time is the best for all bunnies. They all have different personalities.

  20. Not an expert at bonding. One of my rabbits bit the others nose when they could fit their noses through the fences.  Used a fine mesh between since.  So injuries are a potential risk if they can bite through the barrier.

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