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  1. There's a lot of stat tracking in this game. No recoil images but k/d is definitely there. Plus we went from like 12 guns to over 50 and the game is large enough.

  2. What? K/D is literally the baseline for stat tracking, I don’t think they really thought outside of the box by adding it lmao. It’s a game where you kill players and get killed by players, k/d is how many players you killed and how many times they have killed you. And most people don’t care about how many guns there are, because they end up using the same few anyways. Gameplay matters, and the feeling of actually progressing matters. Whether progressing is through a normal prestige system, getting camos on guns, or improving stats.

  3. If you're unable to make payments you should seriously consider selling the car and buying a beater for cash.

  4. Honestly I use Robinhood gold cash sweep program at 4.15 and it has a fast transfer process. One stop shop for high yield savings and investing in VTI

  5. I believe that’s the list of allowable medical deductions if you are itemizing on your tax return, not what you can use your HSA funds for.

  6. CPA, I average around 140k a year and work 2/5 days a week remote. Wife is a dietician and is around 75k a year.

  7. EY made me get my 150 credits and be CPA eligible before even starting to work there, besides my internship. So I would just be aware of that.

  8. My parents did this with my brothers and I, assuming we picked majors that actually have a good career projection. As far as families helping those who aren’t related, I have no idea.

  9. I had a client who made 750k on GameStop, but couldn’t come up with the money for the taxes lol.

  10. Wow, he got 750k (proceeds or gain?) and blew it all before the bill came due?

  11. I believe he was somewhere in the 600k range for gains, but he insisted he didn’t have the money to pay the taxes lol. I also had a client who’s income was over a million with millions in assets and had to go on a payment plan for 50k that he owed lol.

  12. selling soul? i would stop shaming people for getting get a normal high paying job and live a good life. since when working for a profitable company, making good money and providing for family is considered selling soul?

  13. Maybe not selling soul, but I am working 60 hour weeks as a CPA and it feels pretty damn close to it. I make great money, however my life outside of work is pretty much wrecked. I pay the bills, tuck away more than most, but at the end of the day it’s not great.

  14. The office I did my internship with was the office I got hired full time at, but I don’t know about others. Just my experience.

  15. I don’t think you will find one for $5. Just searched it on Amazon and the cheapest one I found was $45 with the obvious better options being 50+.

  16. It’s not his loan. He’s under zero legal obligation to pay it. He’s helping his mother pay HER loan.

  17. I think it is completely appropriate. My parents took out 60k in parent plus loans, why would I not pay them back? Legally yeah I may not owe anything, but are you serious? Maybe I just have a good family compared to others, but I wouldn’t just say yeah I’m not paying them back because technically they aren’t mine tf. They didn’t take out the loans to benefit themselves, they did it to benefit me.

  18. We’re here to provide factual information, not moral judgments.

  19. I agree that the quality and attitude of this sub has declined. “How can I avoid paying the loans I signed up for through a loophole or moving to another country?” or “How can I push the entire cost of my personal education debt onto my parents because I’m an immoral POS?” Pretty much sums up half the posts now. I guess as long as I make it out ahead, f everyone else, especially my family! Am I right or am I right?

  20. Bringing in food to share with your coworkers seems really odd to me. If I'm making my food for lunch at work, I don't want to have to make more to share with coworkers just because management is pushing that on people. Bringing in some cookies you baked or even a full dish you cooked just cause you wanted to, sure, but management pushing that on people seems like it would decrease morale as everyone pretends to love it.

  21. We have the option of eating at our desk, and I usually have lunch with the same few people everyday anyways. Some just take the food and go back to their office, and some stay. There’s literally no pressure, but I’ll have my lunch paid for any time they offer.

  22. It’s the difference between people who merely watch pornhub and those brave souls who comment on pornhub.

  23. Hold up…what about becoming a creator yourself? Truly embracing the long and hard work.

  24. The trick is to get the bill so high you can't afford it. That way, even if you accidentally left some available credit on that limit, they still can't use it.

  25. There’s really no need for a financial advisor until you’re in the millions. Max out your Roth IRA and max out your 401k. Put your money into index funds and etfs, and just sit on them. Use retirement calculators to figure out how much you have to put away for your desired retirement amount and that’s about it. I track everything in an excel that I created in a couple hours. I’m sure whatever you are attempting to figure out could be done so through reading books, YouTube, google, or on here.

  26. There's literally nothing left already. Both of those would have completely decomposed by now: Diffuse hydrochloric acid, carbon dioxide and formadelhyde. The most sensitive instruments on Earth for analyzing air can't even detect the levels of that shit directly downstream. You're just spreading meaningless panic, they really do have nothing to worry about. You see people AT THE CRASH SITE today working in hard hats and shirts and jeans, no respirators, the threat is massively exaggerated by people like you.

  27. You should go there, take in some massive breaths and chug some water, and report back!

  28. Do they really think money, even in gold or platinum form, is going to matter if the entirety of society has collapsed?

  29. I have 1,000 rounds, I should be good for a while. If it takes more than 1,000 rounds, most people will probably be dead anyways from other influences.

  30. and she blames it on the guy who beat the Orange Serial liar who lied about every single major campaign promise he ever made?????

  31. I’m still waiting for that 10k in student loan forgiveness that was promised, but I guess when you don’t know what powers the president holds you tend to get caught up in court!

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