1. Yeah, that is dumb. Just cause it worked out for you doesn't mean calling a game 2 minutes in isn't dumb.

  2. For underdogs in general, are the best odds right now or when we get closer to gametime?

  3. No more cavs bets offense is basically garland and Mitchell shot after shot which is fine if thier hot but if thier missing offense is none existed and they play to there competition if they think they got an easy win they don't even show up big Cleveland fan since LeBron the first time but save ur money

  4. saved you from losing $25 dollars, osu is absolutely terrible rn

  5. I dont understand how +1 is not favored don't really care was looking for analysis on game not an argument about who's favored jeez 😳 no more comments necessary

  6. I had banna cream la kush cake apple copper black afghan apple cobbler had 2.83 and bought a half pre ground for like 60 on sale rythm is legit in my opinion stuff is a little dry and a little pricey but who isn't in ohio

  7. Got 2 of Em at bloom 7 mile like a week or two ago another really good strain from buckeye relief like the lemon dosidos 2 and thier oz price r nice at 30 percent off especially keep it up buckeye relief......

  8. Thier sinmints is really good animal mintz. neon gem is a really good low thc strain very tasty

  9. I got the apple cobbler,banna cream,la kush cake,black afghan not bad at all first time trying brand they r worth checking out imo.....

  10. They could've been stopped after that but the secondary had yet another breakdown. I have little faith in that unit every game

  11. I usually look for 8.49g - or larger flower buys. Personally, I only buy over 24% thc. Break the purchase down into single grams and do the math. It will quickly help you know what a "deal" is.. Imo, you will start to notice that any bud that meets or exceeds that thc level @ $10 or less per gram - is a "deal" (when compared to our unfortunate already overpriced system). I'm not sharing any secrets, just what I've grown accustomed to paying.

  12. U n me think alike do the math if u can get 30% for less than 10 a g u did as about as good as ur going to do legally in ohio ...

  13. Normal price.if not on sale if u can get on sale at hell of a buy cause u can dab it or eat it 1200 MG thc edibles only 2 days 100 dollars if 30 % off at least that how I do it

  14. Good to hear! I was surprised the 3 point turn has 31% THC! I know people say that THC levels don’t matter that much but someone needs to tell the dispensaries that!! I was happy to get it for 25 bucks. I’m ashamed to say I just paid 52 dollars a week or so ago for a 2.83 Second Breakfast!!!

  15. Your not the only one people pay full price all day everyday ill be at dispensary 30% off sale n people still buying full price stuff its a big budget difference if u can work the sales especially galenas with their 400 to 450$ ozs....

  16. It’s a great buzz. This one is 23.34% THC and the terpene breakdown is CAR .38%, LME .31%, HUM .13% and MYR .12%. Really a smooth hit and a wonderful buzz. It’s also a beautiful flower!!

  17. Any taste? Seen pics on here flower is definitely good looking.Was going to give a try if I can ever catch on sale....

  18. $24 NOT on sale for the 2.83g at Bloom in Akron.

  19. Certified uses seed junkys and exotic genetics so they have the genetics their growing isn't consisted though so is thier quality ull buy bigs and they won't b bigs the shakes n smalls r hit or miss

  20. I have heard that the Dayton location has on occasion, but I have never actually witnessed it myself. But I think when they do run out of the POTD, they replace it with another one so there’s always something available.

  21. Have u tried big head or heat locker? Big head was exceptional haven't tried the others just curious?

  22. All grow ohio flower is always dry bad dry they have killer oil though even their layer cake I love the strain but always so dry probably won't buy their flower anymore

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