1. Dude, he needs an MRI. F*k him to the Sun and back and he deserves nothing…

  2. THIS IS SATIRE by a surrealist comedian Callery Kearns: @calkearns

  3. “It all began on a farm, when Cratery wasn’t nothing but a pit, fresh and untainted by the universe and late-stage capitalism, unaccustomed to seeing the horrors of inequality in communities of color. Walking through life in a semi-permanent dissociative state, Young Cratey began to wonder why his family and friends and hobbies grew distant, because he never considered the cost of ignoring the raw deal of not being born close to legacy features. But it all changed when the Fire Nation was rumored to have WMD’s, so Theia crashed into Proto-Earth 2 and formed the stellar body we see today in about half an hour.

  4. Slept in the same bed as fiancée several nights while she had Covid, and I never tested positive!

  5. Then we must switch to dry food only and hope the ghost takes hitman contracts from los gatos.

  6. Find a girl who likes having sex with girls. Encourage this behavior. Threesomes kinda come by extension.

  7. And as I saw the video title🤛🏻😭, I DROPPED MY BACKPACK…💀🎒whyyyy

  8. Definitely not you. That’s why you didn’t comment on this post.

  9. Lmao, that’s such a weird thing to think about. It’s sexist. It’s misinformed. It’s probably hateful in some way, but… eggs? How does a person carry on like that’s not a thought they just had?

  10. I don’t think it has anything to do with deafness, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  11. She’s just close to the legacy-trait look, and probably has been eating this line of bs while being treated like a pet. That’s where this way of thinking comes from. It comes from mothers and fathers and pastors. She’s living it, and she’s part of it, and she’s not guilt-free but… I mean, how do we un-brainwash ourselves from this? It’s everywhere, and it’s naturally occurring like a mold.

  12. Yeesh… when you’re forced to take it at work but dish it out at home… it’s a sad cycle.

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