1. These are the types of shitty “US military interventions” posts that idiots like to put on their Instagram story

  2. This is why Russian propaganda is so effective in Americ

  3. Is that one of the new carrier class ships?

  4. The new class you might be thinking of is the Gerald R. Ford class super carriers.

  5. They probably did this to take close up pictures and apply sensors in order to track US military installations in that area. I think some important air force bases, command and control centers, and Minuteman silos are located are around the axis the balloon flew in.

  6. Movies: American Sniper, Greyhound (Tom Hanks killed his role in this movie), The Outpost, 13 hours: the Secret soldiers of Benghazi (firefight is amazing), Saving Private Ryan, The Hurt Locker, sand castle, Extraction (not a war movie but still has action gun stuff), All quiet on the western front, 1917, dunkirk, hacksaw ridge, 12 strong, Fury, Mosul (it’s In Arabic but it’s a really good war in Iraq stuff), Zero dark thirty, and both sicario movies

  7. How does heroine or any other synthetic drug make a person do this?

  8. Derivatives lie tangent to curves, though personally I'd rather be an integral so I could occupy the area under their curves.

  9. When your sphere of influence in Central Asia has waned so much that the country you saved from a revolution in January doesn’t support your war and is moving toward China and Turkey.

  10. I hate this guy so much. Just seeing his face makes me cringe.

  11. So... Who bombed Iran. There are only two air forces with such capabilities and they certainly aren't Ukraine.

  12. Wasn’t it a quadcopter drone that hit Iran? I haven’t seen anyone say it was an Air Force that flew a sortie.

  13. UAE and some GCC countries have began to normalize relations with Israel because of their shared hatred toward Iran and its proxies.

  14. They stay in the back to clear captured territories. They’re also used to shoot and execute convicts that try to retreat without orders.

  15. I've heard this before, but have we heard it from verified sources or have examples

  16. “Like the Red Army penal battalions, discipline is punitive. ’Independent withdrawal is allowed only for the wounded. Voluntary departure without a command or without injury is punishable by shooting on the spot.’”

  17. I mean they did go from controlling countries(plural) to hiding in caves and somalia. I think they're still active in Syria though.

  18. They’re still in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and some parts of Africa.

  19. When Tik Tok has devolved so much that it’s promoting scams.

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