1. The thing I don't get is why y'all aren't enraged at Fauci. At Bill Gates. At DARPA. These are the people and groups who funded EcoHealth/Wuhan lab, the lab that made COVID which added $20 trillion in world debt and killed millions.

  2. Tell me, what is the benefit of gain-of-function research such as taking bat coronaviruses and adding a furin cleavage site to make them able to infect humans?

  3. Here's the article describing confirming the December 13 cache date for Newtown Bee article, confirmed by Microsoft:

  4. Here's the article describing confirming the December 13 cache date for Newtown Bee article, confirmed by Microsoft:

  5. I'm outside enjoying God's creation as we speak. Are you a traveler? 😛

  6. She rapped about robbing and shooting people, and they think she's a bad girl. Where's the logic in that?

  7. We are all imperfect. We all have imperfect thoughts that have passed through our limited brains. That doesn't make us "bad." It makes us human

  8. You really thought that was deep, didn’t you?

  9. You already posted this exact same image a couple of months ago

  10. I guess god slept when people were praying during the holocaust 🫠. What a guy

  11. It's called Free Will. Demon possessed psychos like Hitler have f,ree will. That's part of the deal

  12. Jesus was real. He is the Christ incarnate. He taught people to dissolve ego, go to the higher realms, the Kingdom. Then establishment religion and the bankers crucified Him.

  13. Fucking epic. What an epic post by an epic truth seeker with an epic awareness of Reality

  14. SS: just like with nuclear power. They have military guarding it. You could make a free energy power plant and guard it like a nuclear power plant

  15. SS: these people are evil. Yeakey and Sign seem like genuinely epic Souls. Fucking heros and legends

  16. SS: this guy should have a fucking billion subscribers. Get your ass over there and subscribe.

  17. SS: a lot of weird things happened during the Sandy Hook shooting. Very weird things

  18. If OP isn’t trolling they need to see a doctor 😂

  19. SS: Will they release the real associates? No. Lord Rothschild is BFF with Rupert Murdoch

  20. SS: fucking dumb ass trolls up in here. Go back to your worldpolitics or whatever other bullshit sub

  21. SS: Baal/Moloch. You thought they were fake. No, sacrifice has always been a part of human culture. Disgusting

  22. SS: Trump. Bill Barr. Donald Barr. Donald Trump. John Trump. Donald John Trump. Free Energy. Tesla

  23. Not talking military tech that is always eons ahead of household tech but what was your computer like in 2001 vs 2021? What was your tv like in 2001 vs 2021? What about your internet speed? Catch my drift…

  24. And what they release to the public is about 50 years behind what they have. Catch my drift?

  25. I fucking want those John Trump real notes so bad. Too bad they're in the CIA vault. The People, the cattle, need to starve for the elites

  26. So have you bought and built the thing and tested it? Cause this doesn't seem like it'd work

  27. No, the CIA tracks it. As explained by Dave Zed on Sam Tripoli. Tucker would have to have Zed on and build it and demonstrate it live

  28. So what you're saying is the CIA is tracking every piece of copper and magnet bought? You do realise copper and magnets are used in just about everything right?

  29. No basically when you use the device it affects the Schumann Resonance or some shit. They can pinpoint where the device was used based on that. That's how they tracked Dave Zed down

  30. SS: Alex Jones was right again. But keep calling him controlled opposition

  31. Because they weren't in DC to warn. They were there to coordinate the fake attack with the CIA. That's also why the hijacker funder, ISI chief Mahmud Ahmed, was in Washington DC on 9/11 meeting with CIA.

  32. SS: really Mossad went there to let them know exactly when the attack would be answer work out the final details. 9/11 was done by CIA/MOSSAD/ISI

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