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  1. Traffic violations are at the discretion of the officer (unless it’s drunk driving)

  2. And doxxing then ruining their personal lives is done at the internets discretion if they wanna be corrupt

  3. I wouldn’t participate. But that’s reality today. Officers can use their discretion. But I’m not sure that guy is thinking the chief owing him a favor was worth it at this point

  4. It also prevents the Iranians from using their drones to destroy schools, houses, hospitals, and such. Is destroying the tyrants important enough to allow the innocent to be murdered? And do you really think the Iranians conquering Qatar would make it better? The Iranian Gov't is brutal as well.

  5. They have been having their own people, even teenagers killed for protesting and giving the Russians drones knowing they do this very thing to the Ukrainians. Thier brutality is obviously boundless.

  6. Oddly enough, Shapiro does that every now and again, it’s just rare.

  7. It is not US per se but all US citizens that are from Mexico, and all other countries. Otherwise this doesn’t make sense.

  8. By that logic they should have a better team

  9. It’s mostly a woman’s sport here and the woman’s team won the cup last time if I remember right

  10. If being a democracy is the one thing the US has over authoritarian countries then there is a core level of civic responsibility inherent in that. Either the acts a democratic country takes also fall on the heads of the people or they're not truly democratic and "DEMOCRACY" is just a feelgood soundbite.

  11. It’s been an oligarchy since day 1. We near worship our founder George Washington who just so happened to be the richest man in the country. With all the other founders also coincidentally being the wealthiest guys in town.

  12. You have literally been dropping bombs in aid of their genocide in Yemen. You don't get to act hard done by or betrayed after being directly involved in the wiping out of an entire generation of children.

  13. I never voted on that or ever had any candidate option who represented a choice on that issue. But you are also a consumer of the same corporations that decide my candidates I choose from, and provide them with money to decide my choice options. Do you boycott multinational corporations or are you also complicit in the fuckery that results?

  14. Does anyone here have a friend who committed a crime and went to jail?

  15. Is that really a problem though? Better to not waste money and time and bring people through the judicial system if they're not sure they can convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

  16. I think you could settle for 99% and not consider wasteful considering all the more shitbags that wouldn’t slip thru

  17. The size of the woman is no indication of the size of her fanny (I'm not American so I'm not talking about her arse). Some women can be 5 foot nothing and have a fanny the size of a clowns pocket, and some women can be nearly 6 foot and it be the complete opposite.

  18. No. There’s shown correlation in both genders for what your talking about.

  19. Correlation doesn't mean anything though. What I said still stands.

  20. If you listen closely, you can hear Vladolf Shitler choking on his chicken dinner with rage.

  21. If you listen closer you can hear a Swiss banker laughing at the idea their admission to safeguarding the oligarchs money, was an effective bit of PR.

  22. Switzerland fucked up royally on this one. They will not see a cent of Eastern-world money going there after this.

  23. Switzerland is playing pr. Nobody said anything about doing anything to the money. You could change the headline to “Switzerland admits to hiding billions for Russia”.

  24. If forgiving debt becomes a thing, colleges have zero incentive to bring costs down, and future students have zero incentive to price shop. The government essentially just starts pumping money into the already bloated higher education system.

  25. First of all, billionaires don't carry student debt. They also almost exclusively do pay more in absolute dollar terms than non-billionaires, but they pay it in capital gains, property, and corporate tax instead of income tax.

  26. Well I’ve seen one billionaires tax returns. I had a particularly good weeks pay that week. I had paid more in taxes that week than he did the year as far as income tax. I suspect Donald trumps made to bankrupt later don’t pay a bunch capital gains either.

  27. I'm a photographer, and I was sent to a brand new grade school to take pics for a magazine assignment. The day they sent me there, they held an active shooter drill, where an alarm sounded and every teacher locked her door. Then I walked around with the principal while she violently shook and beat on classroom doors then listened for any children who were crying or making noise on the other side. I thought back to how carefree my time was in school, how there was absolutely nothing to worry about other than homework and playground tussles. It was heartbreaking to think that kids now have to learn to overcome their instinct to make noises when they're afraid so they won't get gunned down, and we're training them regularly to get good at that.

  28. Does the principe expect the shooter to believe that these classrooms are all locked and empty in the middle of a school day?

  29. If someone is looking to kill, and every single door is locked, they won't know where to start if they can't tell where anyone is. Could buy some valuable time for police response if a shooter is wandering the halls, looking for victims.

  30. I suspect the average public school has close to zero empty classrooms during the school day. And zero solid hardwood or steel Doors. But mostly non tempered glass midsections placed closely above the door handle. But education administrators do need to justify the large part of the budget they take home.

  31. The lack of sympathy in this thread is crazy. Sure he should’ve known better, but also that’s an entire human life. Who here didn’t do stupid things in their younger days.

  32. I did many many dumb things. Never that dumb. It’s very unfortunate but tons of people die every day. Most did not cause me to have to transfer yesterday

  33. Very few soldiers were clubbed to death in that encounter, they likely died from exposure after retreating and not retrieving their injured.

  34. if a woman had done that to a man the cops would had never been called

  35. I don’t doubt the guys a piece of shit, but news organizations love to distort how an exchange looks to sell a story.

  36. The absolutely can make missiles despite sanctions. Thinking otherwise is just cope and likely projection. Did you know that 90% of US semiconductor grade neon came from two companies in Ukraine and one of those was in Mariupol?

  37. I've been hoping for this the whole time.. just flood Ukraine with NATO country heads of state and see what russia does.

  38. Lol. Yes I’m sure the heads of state will put themselves in harms way any day.

  39. Back in the 80s the British conservatives aka Tories were campaigning on three pillars. They were boasting about Britain being strong militarily, strong morally, and strong financially. So scratch the first two because of the Falklands war was an embarrassment against a much weaker foe and there were a swarm of sex scandals within their party.

  40. So you're saying Soros was essentially like the guy who shorted the housing market just before it crashed?

  41. If that guy was also involved in the gangland privatization of Soviet resources that led to Putin being in power. Ya

  42. There’s still excellent reason to hate soros. The current state of Russia/Ukraine is a topic he certainly plays a part in

  43. Your cousins a douchebag yes, but if your rent only went up $150 in the last 2 years you are in a very fortunate situation nonetheless

  44. I’m unsure you read my comment. But certain you didn’t respond to it

  45. Its elitist that you aren't allowed accommodations (which they are required to have) and get forcefully expelled if they find out or get told you have any mental problems?

  46. My comment was mostly factious. Poking fun at the absurdity of an institution defined by the idea of exclusion, has students complaining that it isn’t fair. And isn’t working to accommodate everyone.

  47. It wouldn’t appear obvious bc it’s a very common misconception. It would also not seem obvious considering your talking about tracking all their subs, while they have 11 vessels that threaten that capability.

  48. Protests tend to can lead to either revolutions or civil wars if the reasons for the protest aren't sufficiently addressed. But those two options only arise if a protest can't be crushed by the ruling authority. It's starting to look like this protest can't be crushed by the ruling authority.

  49. No protests generally lead to nothing, or an effective crack down. Granted most protests are not this widespread and last much quicker.

  50. This is very location dependent. And there’s a shit ton of lawyers in New York.

  51. Very well put about average American and Ukraine.

  52. Ya but they but they weren’t made for us. We don’t even pretend they were.

  53. Can't argue with or find fault in any of your points. Thank you for a rational discussion.

  54. When your le religious beliefs are more important than your safety gear actually being able to properly seal to your face...

  55. Change it? Someone could convert after a test and have quite the beard by next year. Thus occupying a spot as a first responder in emergencies they would be unprepared to respond to.

  56. The court disagrees and it apparently the firefighters did it for several years without issue-

  57. Generally the fire department gets called catastrophic scenarios. Maybe not a strange idea that policy should reflect that

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