1. Hey there, im doing ok, not the best, not the worst. Hbu? And i like talking about music, so yeah :)

  2. Aromantic asexual, which is feeling little to no sexual and romantic attraction. Those two can be used as individual labels as well. For example, someone might be ace and feel romantic attraction, and vice versa.

  3. Why don’t you check out the label abrosexual? It’s under the bi umbrella and it’s when your attraction changes, like genderfluid but for sexual/romantic attraction. In the end, it’s completely up to you.

  4. Omg that’s great, good for you!!! My brother snitched on me lol and my mom yelled at me for telling an 8yo about gay stuff (I never even came out to him, I just asked if he’d be cool with it)

  5. You do realize it just said “god” right? No specifications on which one…

  6. Gender fluid, demigenders, agender, etc… pretty much most things on the NB spec

  7. You might be non-binary! In the end it’s up to you and you can use whatever label makes you happy. Maybe check out demigirl?

  8. I use that occasionally, my school usually uses “fruity pebbles”, and my queer friend group, we call each other “queers” and “f and t slurs”

  9. never feeling satisfied with your gender/sexuality cuz of self doubt

  10. Not all English teachers, i had a mean one last year. But this year, my ELA teacher asked for everyone’s name and preferred name and I’ve heard her using others preferred names!! Also… she saw me and my ex gf holding hands so i think she suspects.

  11. I'm a demiboy. It took me years!!! I thought I was genderfluid, then a trans man, then finally demiboy. I feel very comfortable with this label now. Everything you're describing sounds like me. I like to joke around and say I'm a guy with a fluid sense of my expression. I like being a femme guy but also an androgynous gender fuck of a person. My gender dysphoria is crippling but I found myself through makeup, clothing, and expression.

  12. Happy to hear you have a label youre comfy with! I’m currently using genderfluid, but if I could be amab instantly, I would. Maybe I’m just trans in denial lol. But I’ve seen a lot of genderfluid TikTok’s and whatnot, and can relate to the experiences, so maybe I’m just more on the masc side.

  13. I’m bi(???) and AFAB, my crush is a guy, we were at the mall together (among a lot of others) for a school thing. I genuinely can’t tell if he likes me or not please help :)))

  14. What were some potential signs of attraction?

  15. He prob doesn’t like me back, but he took me to this anime store after he couldn’t come to an ice cream place w me

  16. My science teachers bitmoji has an ace heart and i know for a fact she’s an ally, so…

  17. Something really bad and I’m not comepfertable metioning on publicly on Reddit, then wut happened wus i flushed a over flowing toilet and iwas sitting there and the poopy water touched my anus😭

  18. What does everything mean on the second page and polyaffectionate? (except queer, neptunic, bigender, demi, xeno, xenoboy)

  19. Hi! I’m the one who requested the one on the second page! Here are links that can inform you

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