1. DLo and Naz for lowry, strus, and a first?

  2. His defense is the best part. Starting a 6moty dialogue

  3. Imagine strus being there in the end except for dipo

  4. why did herro pass up on the open 3 to take an off balance 3

  5. Talentd ass player but iq isn’t there all the time lol

  6. Jimmy looks so disappointed at the end there.

  7. We don’t deserve you himmy

  8. I don’t think this team understands what offense is

  9. Strus is still out there…

  10. If you read my post, it’s because these players were being compared when they signed their contracts in the offseason.

  11. You don’t know what you’re talking about. He has literally improved his offense every year and you think he has peaked lmao. Just admit you don’t watch him

  12. What has he improved this year? I didn’t say he hasn’t gotten any better in the last few years. But this year particularly, he looks very similar to last year. Despite saying he wants to take a big step. That’s especially worrying for his development.

  13. His efficiency, his ppg, the man literally had 38 last night. You tell me how he hasn’t improved? You’re telling me that he has gotten better the last few years and he’s peaked at the same time? How is that even possible lol

  14. Worst L of the season. Can't be choking at home like this. Bam and Jimmy can't be scoring under 20 when Herro is out.

  15. Feel like we’re gonna see a lot of “worst Ls” this year if we don’t make a roster change soon lol


  17. This was known on Monday. Seems the coaching staff doesn't know what to do about the shit sandwich. We are getting out rebounded too.

  18. Ironic because spo said adding this new depth was “for amateurs.” It just seems like players on this team forgot what their role was after the all star break.

  19. The regular season is ending, we are having fights on the court, we are losing a lot of games that we HAD to win. I was looking forward to the playoff but we're just... Imploding.

  20. Yeah I was really excited for the postseason but now I’m just going to keep my expectations really low. I don’t even know if we can get past the first round at this rate, especially if we play the nets

  21. He's also first on his team in total minutes since all-star break. This sham of giving de facto starters the 6moty award should have ended back with Manu (maybe earlier too, but it stood out first to me with Manu)

  22. There have been 6moty winners in the past who have played more min than him per game. Y’all just need to find an excuse lnao. But also there is a reason he comes off the bench. Right now he is best suited as instant office with the bench. It’s not only about the minutes when it comes to 6th men lmao

  23. Excuse for what lol? Nobody on my team is gunning for that award. I'm not even hating on him as a player. Make a case that he should have been an all-star... heck, make a case that you want him as an all-NBA candidate if you want.

  24. Do you think there should be five better players than you on the team to win the sixth man award LMAO. Bro you don’t know what you’re talkin about

  25. no real fan is chantin airball at their own team. that is weird shit

  26. Philly fans ain’t allowed to talk anymore this week after what happened to them last game lol

  27. Almost lost a 20+pt lead to a sub .500 team..? Come on man

  28. Didn’t “almost” get that dub tho bb boi

  29. That’s the beautiful thing with words. They have purpose. Purpose of “almost” was that the lead was cut to 3, which it should have never been..

  30. Yeah, and my purpose of “almost” was that it doesn’t matter what the lead what cut down to. A win is a win. Standings don’t show that the Lakers “almost” caught up this game, so whatever the fuck you are saying is irrelevant.

  31. Lowry looks so lost on offense like he legit doesn’t know what to do. But like why

  32. Spo okay with injured jimmy guarding adams. Poor jimmy lmao

  33. Why does it feel like there’s always a random ass player that goes off and bombs a logo three on our heads every night

  34. To everyone calling out Spo for not playing Yurt7, the coaching staff knows whether or not our younger guys are ready to hit the floor. Our player development program is elite.

  35. Yeah I’m interested in seeing yurt, but this is giving me flashbacks to when everyone was begging kz to play. And then he played…

  36. Heat fans on Reddit don’t know anything about teams outside the heat lol

  37. Tbf some heat fans (cough cough) barely know anything about their own teams.

  38. Finally seeing effort. I think most of us expected us to lose but we’re finally seeing them try

  39. I don’t even remember Jimmy taking a shot in the 4th

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