My brother tried to have sex with me like last year

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  1. I like to use my dry herb vape with a wpa in my bong. So smooth

  2. Rhythm is really good, i didn't like botanist when i tried them, had two of their carts

  3. Was going to say, know any heroin addicts?

  4. Rush, tropidelic, passafire, rhcp, led zeppelin, dirty heads, sublime, 311, bob marley, pink floyd, hendrix, allman bros, tame impala, modest mouse, the doors, steve miller band, billy strings, phish. I know not all related but other things that i get into sometimes

  5. Pride of Cucamonga/grateful dead. I know I’m old

  6. The good ol' boys at the Greystone hotel are just doin that get on down

  7. The only way you find Galenas at a cheaper price is if it's the small buds but yes they're ridiculously with their price but some of their strands are oh so good.

  8. I do want to try them. I usually go with cheaper options like a grow ohio smalls half o for 125. But, i usually do pick up 2.8s of the better stuff like rivera creek or woodward, BR. Just havent tried galenas. I will eventually

  9. Oh no I get you 100%, we're all on a fix dime trying to afford our medicine and have a wish list. I'm one of the fortunate ones in the program were I'm indigent so I've learned which dispensaries stack discounts so that helps me in the long run saving me $ but yet there were I am My worst enemy when it comes to pick what I want to purchase.

  10. The toxic avenger, bucky o hare, the wacky races,

  11. Best thing for a bad day imo. Hope it gets better dude

  12. I’m a parent of a girl and a boy who are still very little and they adore each other, so I’m not dealing with high hormones or anything yet. But if I found out something like this happened, I would be looking for therapy for both of them that same day, and probably also family therapy. There are unhealthy relationship dynamics in this family that is making OP feel unsafe.

  13. In therapy they will call childrens sevices on you. Keep that in mind.

  14. And it’s important for a potential sexual assault like this to be on record in case he continues to have these issues. Hiding it doesn’t help anybody. No parent has all the tools to deal with every situation, but they are responsible for taking their children to those who do.

  15. I agree with you. But, it is good to know how this will all go down in advance. When something like this happens in your family it will be a hard road to recovery.

  16. Just got a half o of hell on wheels smalls for $72. I havent tried it yet so it might be trash by my current standards but $72 is cheaper than i was paying for a half o before i got into this mmj. Plus even the garbage mmj its better than 75% of the stuff i was getting before. I think prices will go down soon since more stores are opening. I am in youngstown though and i think only like 1more is opening by me lol.

  17. Got a half oz of Gelato flower for $112 after sale yesterday. Cheapest I've found good flower here. Was about $7.90/gram

  18. Damn! I was eyeing the gelato too lol. From pure ohio? My place had it for $150 a half though. I love gelato! I finally tried the hell on wheels i like it, it did the trick lol

  19. I haven't tried luster pods yet. But awhile back i bought a yocan uni pro to use with the 510 carts. Using the uni really improved using the carts and i am satisfied. Are the luster pods better than a good cart with the uni? Also it looks like these pods would leave alot of oil behind. You cant stand them up straight? Is this an issue?

  20. I just took apart 3 of my spent luster pods, and each one had such little residual oil. It ended up being less than a quarter of a grain of rice and wasn’t worth all the work of taking it apart and scraping it. The reflections and shape of the pod make it appear that there is more oil leftover than there really is. 510s usually leave more leftover oil. I was pleasantly surprised.

  21. Hmmm you guys are making me want to try them lol.

  22. US veterans for THC! This is a good man just fighting the good fight! Ok some of his views are a little warped and racist. But he is for legalization so i like him. You should be thanking him for his service lol

  23. If it wasnt like the most expensive stuff in the program i would, but $90~ for the 5.66g at my closest dispo is too much

  24. They are waaay too expensive. But, every time i have tried something from them it has been really good! Just had Blue steel sativa, i really liked it.

  25. I quit going there a while ago. Lol, they have order online set up yet atleast? You had to go in there and order off of a spread sheet. So much easier to see what is all available and shop deals online. I go down to rx in east liverpool now. Further drive but order online is worth it.

  26. I voted that i smoke it. I have dynavap m, a HR rogue, and a g pen dash. I rarely use any of them anymore i just prefer to smoke bowls like i always have. I still take my dash in the car, and use the rogue occasionally at home. I do use my yocan uni with 510 carts alot more tham dry herb vaping, thats my go to for discreet. For those looking for recommendation Dyna is cool for low tolerance or micro dose, the HR rogue is a good every day vape has dosing capsules that are good for a quick session i recommend the wpa to use it through your bong nice and smooth. The g pen dash is cheap works well good for on the go

  27. My advice would be to not to turn away the rest of the family. Especially the ones that love you. If i were you in wouldn't go to the wedding either. But your dad probably loves and misses you. Speaking as a father.

  28. I domt even like to swim because it will kill my buzz

  29. Not to just steer you toward one supplier, but lemon do si dos, kings mustache, and garlic breath 2.0 are pretty legit India effects

  30. The Garlic Breath 2.0 is fire if you see it. Haven't had kings moustache but lemon Dosidos are good.

  31. Ive had their regular dosido, sour blue deisel, chem fuego were all really good. In think id try anything from them at this point

  32. Thanks for reminding me to listen to the smiths again

  33. They really got me through the time that i had a girlfriend who was in a coma. I know....its serious

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