Phone 13 | Pre-Order / Shipping Megathread

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  • By - PJ09

Just to put things into perspective... The Strike Playlist from Destiny 1

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I don't know what to do with my hands!

  1. The Epson 4010 can’t do 4K HDR 60hz, you will get that black screen. Make sure you are selecting 4K HDR 30hz in the Apple TV settings.

  2. Use a French cleat top and bottom of the panel and mount the panel side ones inside the frame. The insulation should not be packed so tightly that there is no room for another 1x3.

  3. It is though insulation was 3” and the frame is 1x4 so the actual depth is 3 1/2”

  4. Most acoustic panel designs have some sort of horizontal and/or corner bracing inside the box in the form of another 1x4 laid flat against the back of the box. This bracing is only in a small number of places and only minimally compresses the insulation. If you use the horizontal bracing at the top and bottom and cut a 45 into its width on the bottom edge you can use another piece with a 45 in its width on the top edge to secure it to the wall to form your French cleat and hold the panel flush to the wall. Since I don't know what plans you were using I can't tell you for certain how to modify them for your use case to solve this problem.

  5. Okay I was wondering if I should have a gap behind it or not too. Thanks

  6. Yes. Make sure your screen is surrounded by light absorbing material or at least a black painted wall and they won't be distracting.

  7. New to the projector/ home theater thing. Can you explain what this is please?

  8. You can setup your projector to always have the same height. So the 16:9 content in the same height as the widescreen content.

  9. Thanks for explaining. I would rather have bars on the sides than the top and bottom

  10. I used to watch them back during D1 but it was mostly lore back then didn’t know they do “catching up” type videos now. That sounds good to me.

  11. Ordered mine as soon as the store went live on the 17th. Says it will be here the 24th but still says “preparing to ship” hopefully it still gets here on launch day.

  12. Don’t worry, mine says the same thing. But I have a ups account and it says my phone has left Alaska.

  13. I set up an account with ups today to try this but it doesn’t show anything coming to my address. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong?

  14. Try different HDMI port? Different TV? Both would help eliminate possibility of problem with the Apple TV.

  15. I took it into a different room and set it up on that tv and then took it back to the room I want to use it in and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks

  16. Lol ever try to talk to Apple tech support? I’ve never had good luck

  17. Mental stimulation has been a life changer for my pup! Any treat toys or sniff mats work amazing! Or I’ll get a blanket and put treats throughout and bundle it up and have her sniff it out and figure out to get the treats out. It’ll keep her busy for 30-40 minutes then she’s out like a light. Good luck!!

  18. I’ll have to give that a try. Unfortunately he just peed in the house. Right when I thought we were getting a good grip on doing our business outside lol

  19. I must have missed 60 minutes; how do I get the PSVR adaptor?


  21. Stay tuned to Best Buy... They are doing store pickup.. Not only would you have a system, it would most likely be day one!

  22. Online order for in store pick up? When do they go live online?

  23. Awesome thanks guys!!! Have fun this console generation!!!

  24. They didn't specify. Xbox went up around 120 am eastern last night.

  25. Okay so it was the same time across the US? Not 1:20 eastern then 1:20 central and so on?

  26. Walmart really dropped the ball on preorders (starting preorders before anyone else a day early without notice, not informing any of the customers about their preorder progress, not having any answers when people contact them)

  27. Still no emails from Walmart and still haven’t been charged but the package has been picked up by FedEx. Estimated to arrive on the 13th.

  28. I preordered from Walmart and FedEx just updated to “shipment information sent to FedEx” still no email or charge yet though.

  29. Let's hope we get that email, you'd expect in 2020 with walmart making record breaking profits they'd at least spend little money to update their old website.

  30. I was assured two different times by two different support center people that I would receive an email to update payment if they find any issues when it starts to ship. I’m hoping that is the case. The last few days since this happened have been stressing me out way to much and it will be nice to have that sigh of relief if and when that email comes.

  31. Is the bottom picture from D2? Looks like the original tower.

  32. Anyone with a Walmart preorder has your order shipped? If so when?

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