1. Source:

  2. I'm not a source and I private account, but are you really stupid to take a screenshot?

  3. There’s no rule against posting protected tweets (nkdwmn’s tweets are also protected), also also linking to source is a rule on the sub. If plusle says they don’t want them to be sourced I will post without source if the mods allow


  5. I don’t have access to that source right now as I am uploading through another reposter

  6. Source:

  7. Looks like this was not uploaded on here (considering their tweets are not visible unless they approve your following)

  8. The “Screenshots Collection” series is back

  9. Source:

  10. Wait is this 85% of the drawing or 8.5/10 I am confused 😷

  11. Let's have a moment of silence for all the leakers who died for our service 🙏🕊🕊

  12. Uncle (or Aunty) Mia should also be in the list. My man just stopped existing

  13. I am pretty sure this guy was timing but idk what name should I use so I used both

  14. Reupload to include more images because Twitter notifications hates me and only notified me of one tweet

  15. Source:rkdwmn69. Picked this up from Don't ask me for the link to the original leaker I have been reduced to reposting from reposter Telegram Channels who never fking link to the original leak

  16. Hand slipped 😷. Was uploading this while the class just ended so I was in a hurry

  17. If this was posted before remove it🥱

  18. Disclaimer: Not in any chronological order because Telegram saves images in my gallery randomly for some reason

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