1. All this talk only for Kizaru to neg

  2. Damn, you want Greenbull to clap another commander?

  3. Akainu > Aokiji > Blackbeard > Big Mom

  4. Hmmm, no. Weevil doesn't have acoc or WB's fruit. They're physically similar but that's it.

  5. Yamato, Momosuke and the scabbards should be thanking Shanks. Greenbull was going to massacre them

  6. You know yonkos have crews right?

  7. Makes him physically stronger.

  8. Shiryu is a race traitor for serving under a black man. Zoro can't allow that

  9. Sorry, I agree with all of these takes.

  10. This panel is the most used shit ever

  11. Yes but only partly. Their devil fruits cancel each other out but Akainu has stronger haki, probably acoc. My personal headcanon is that Aokiji has coc too.

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