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  1. It's not clear what "stopped working" means exactly. What happens when you try to start cleaning by pressing the button? Does it respond with any sounds or a light indicator? Is it charging properly?

  2. What kind of toxic chemicals was it carrying? Seems to be a common theme recently....

  3. I joined a Discord Ditto raid, and the host decided to use a lvl 100 raid ready Iron Hands. PLUS! They decided not to participate. They claimed in chat that they wanted it to be "a challenge."

  4. "I have had to release 12 boxes of Pokémon, not sure if this resets the egg hatching count.".

  5. Guessing a hypothesized theory of "after X eggs you will get a shiny" or something to that effect. So, assuming the game will give you a shiny on your 435th egg, if you released and this fact was true, then releasing the hatches would drop the current number, resulting in more eggs needed.

  6. Currently riding, and it truly is a therapeutic releasing energy and feel. Take it as it comes.

  7. Neither is perfect. Diring the day, depending on what you do, you get dirty. So, shower at night and you go to bed clean. But, we still sweat in our sleep, and unless you wash your sheets daily, you are laying in dried sweat, which is nasty. So, that's why you shower in the morning.

  8. 1 death from drug induced suicide, 1 death from pace maker failure, and on the flip side... 1 murdered their newborn child and threw it in a garbage bag and got caught.

  9. For non outbreak hunts you just use the proper sandwich, have shiny charm and look for a spot where you will run into only that pokemon (or mostly it)

  10. To be honest, I have only ever used the RIF (Reddit is Fun) app. So, I am not sure what you are talking about. Where would I find the logo?

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