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  1. We already knew this because….the answer lies within.

  2. Russian gov has recently discovered trans people exist and are now collectively going insane

  3. 21:04 in A Change of Seasons. It simultaneously kicks into my favorite chord progression (I believe it's i - VII - v - VI) and changes the rhythm to 6/8. One of my favorite moments in their entire discography.

  4. My favorite is the "There can be no peace of mind!" harmony sung by the guys.

  5. I did, but Imgur refused to let me upload pictures from my phone for some damn reason. But these are really the peak in terms of quality, most others were just a lot of bright white light.

  6. When it came to WDADU, I legitimately couldn’t decide whether the original or the invert was… less good.

  7. Serious answer: The flute part is great, but several of their outros hit me more on an emotional basis. The last bars of 6D never fail to give me goosebumps, for example, just like the Octavarium Razor's Edge guitar solo.

  8. God damn it, quim is terrible for the finish on a guitar neck, when will women learn.

  9. I used to gig with that amp in high school….. 18 years ago….

  10. Apparently, I am the only person here not judging someone for naming a guitar. Maybe its just an emotional connection, let him/her have it. BB King named his git Lucille.


  12. zipped up in an *.mbox file. You'll need to install Thunderbird email client to access them

  13. Thanks, this will now replace my mental image of him sitting at a rusty piano in a saloon, playing this part with expressive hand moves, while JP dances to his muted background riff by turning his feet sidewards and back while remaining in full contact with the floor.

  14. Side note, that eye will kill you if you stare at it long enough while listening to this

  15. Nunja - immer noch besser, als Weltmeister zu werden und dann plötzlich so tun zu müssen, als wäre das ein ganz wunderbares Turnier gewesen.

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