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  1. Ooorrr remove it from iMessage numbers under settings > messages to prevent them from being able to message you - I’m not sure if there is a way to find out if they have messages you already

  2. I'm more concerned about if they have my new number not necessarily that they may have messaged me using my iCloud account.

  3. Wait what? Go to your apple ID in settings and there you will see the devices that have access to your apple id

  4. My old number isn't liked to my phone/iCloud account but I know that iMessages can be sent using someone's iCloud account. I'm just trying to find how to see if they messaged me using my iCloud account/email address or if they have my new phone number. From what I've been able to research there doesn't seem to be a way.

  5. Because he invested a lot in all those in that screen that’s why he’s upset

  6. It's not "-ist" to have preferences whether that's age, height, weight, race/ethnicity, etc. People like what they like and I want to filter out all the profiles that aren't "little people". Wait ..

  7. He also said that Apple is threatening to pull Twitter from the App Store, and is making demands on content moderation

  8. If Apple is fine with leaving Truth Social up, the same should apply to Twitter. Honestly, both of these apps need to come down.

  9. I’ve never gone near that dumpster fire, so I’m legitimately asking - do they throw the N word around with hard Rs on there too?

  10. I wouldn't be surprised if they did. From what I've read it's largely unmoderated.

  11. Harry Davies-Carr was 3 (now 18) and Charlie Davies-Carr was 1 (now 16). The family sold the clip as a non-fungible token (NFT), which was sold at auction to an anonymous bidder for $760,999 in 2021.

  12. During the next break that anchor excused himself to the boys room to furiously masturbate to the wheelie video on replay.

  13. Just wait til the browsers and (mobile) operating systems start updating with significant changes 😍

  14. Love that they could have their differences and still come to a table and converse like adults.

  15. There was a time where our government put aside their differences for the betterment of the country. Unfortunately I think that ended when Republicans went after Carter for his peanut farm.

  16. I read on ESPN that Stafford took a hit to the head and his legs went numb. That’s pretty serious stuff. Obviously their record matters to us for the draft pick but I also hope Staff Daddy is ok and doesn’t ruin his life by trying to stick to the game after his body has told him it’s time to stop.

  17. Stafford is really close to becoming a paraplegic and he knows it. He doesn't care, he loves the game too much.

  18. If we're not careful it won't be long before this kind of religious extremism is here in America. All it takes is a complacent electorate.

  19. "I appreciate you bringing it by but I just really don't have a use for it. It'll take up a lot of room, I have to frame it, and who knows how long before I find a buyer."

  20. Plot twist: they already were in the same house, he just went to her room.

  21. The middle of the shirt is B5AAA6 which is described as a "medium light shade of red-orange".

  22. My niece does this exact same scream and it makes me want to die. Im so glad I never have to worry about ending up with a kid because that screaming is enough for me to regret it lol

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