1. Check out both. Make up your own mind. Open camera is much more feature rich that gcam. Gcam is really bad tbo. It's a shame how bad of an app google produces. Magic earth for cars, osmand for everything else

  2. Not sure how you come to this conclusion, but Google Camera has a lot more features than Open camera.

  3. Hi, is this free? I really don't want to pay a Parallels sub just to play the odd MMOPRGs.

  4. Yes. You would have to plan out the classes you're going to take in your subsequent semesters.

  5. The vast majority of domain registrars will allow you to mask your registration records for free.

  6. If you have letterboxing enabled, the resolution of the window itself becomes irrelevant since the browser content is boxed in at fixed positions.

  7. Why is everyone sending SMS and MMS? I rarely use that. Usually, I only recieve - mostly unwanted - stuff via SMS.

  8. America still relies heavily on SMS. It's not in their culture to download some 3rd party app like WhatsApp like it would be for other countries.

  9. Dude should be on some kinda meds fr

  10. This could be the result of being on some kind of meds in the first place.

  11. Whoever was in charge of recording the microphone should be fired. So sad that an otherwise great performance was ruined by poor audio mastering.

  12. There's no point at all. There will be a bunch of bugs and people sit and exploit the bugs each game. Riot couldn't care less that they do.

  13. That's what PBE is for. To find those bugs so they don't appear in the main game.

  14. Just start playing ranked. It's more fun.

  15. I disagree. It's just more stressful having to worry about playing well enough to go up in rank.

  16. Yeah this definitely violates GPL2. Now if the firmware was not distrubuted then I wouldn't be so sure.

  17. To offer only pre-compiled firmware is unacceptable.

  18. In some cases, Google apps with network permissions revoked can still send data packets to Google Play Services, who will then send data back to Google by proxy.

  19. I am just curious. Plus recently there have been rumors that law enforcement has infiltrated/ taken over Veracrypt. And that the warrant canary may have died.

  20. I absolutely love his stuff and he is always in my top 5 Spotify artists every year but man, there is no stage presence at all. I hope he is enjoying himself up there! Looking forward to those IDs.

  21. I've never seen Grum smile once, but his music always blows everyone away.

  22. Well they are paying for my masters program so I rather stay in a shitty situation with fake schedules then shelving out 30k for a grad degree

  23. Right? The panty ruffling on this type of stuff is interesting. How often are people checking this stuff on a weekly basis anyway?

  24. Some people have nothing better to do than complain about the tiniest changes that aren't significant in any way.

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