1. I wish there was more discussion for these guys around prog circles. They totally deserve it, although not all of their stuff is super proggy. Mandala & …and the battle begun are awesome albums from start to finish

  2. That's... a complete misunderstanding of how exchange rates work. Different currencies just have different numeric values for things, that's not abnormal. It doesn't matter if 1 RUB == 1 USD and Russia has 1 trillion RUB or if 100 RUB == 1 USD and Russia has 100 trillion RUB.

  3. I think you’re mixing up admiration and fascination. You don’t have to be a complete dick and act like you’re better than someone trying to respond to your question.

  4. Applying for rank up RSN: Grabma Nads Total level: 1503 Ironman status: Hardcore

  5. I would say to check out Variations on a Dream and Tightly Unwound. The whole discography is pretty good but these two stand out for me.

  6. Just die Evince die already...holy shit you're embarrassing me! Just stop apologizing to them! They don't even care if you die! WHy do you apologize? why do you care?!

  7. It shouldn't be too difficult because you can change the difficulty settings to the lowest without it affecting trophies. In terms of collectibles, every area has what collectibles you have marked on the map so you can't get too lost.

  8. It basically works by turning on and off to a set timer which gets translated to 1s and 0s. This happens really quickly which allows a lot of data to be sent in a short period of time.

  9. At most supermarkets in NZ as well. I like taking a bag of them into the cinema.

  10. They don't have Twix ones though right? I only ever see Mars and Snickers ones.

  11. No fucking way. I thought harassing underpaid McDonald's workers was peak repugnance for R&M fans. This shit is unreal. They fucking need real help.

  12. There’s nothing with Rick and Morty, but this is something else. To me this is just straight up mental illness.

  13. I would absolutely not recommend I Saw The Devil.

  14. It's certainly not for everyone because of the violence, but I certainly loved I Saw The Devil. The other films you listed here are definitely worth the watch too.

  15. I am at the garage, cleanig my spot. Helping me is 6-pack of generic true Finnish beer, Olvi.

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