Drug synergies and dangers

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  1. I'd recommend waiting a few years, and then consulting a doctor or therapist. Schizophrenia tends to emerge in one's early 20's, and it's highly heritable, meaning it's tied to a person's genetics- even more so than other mental disorders.

  2. how did you learn to like black coffee? just drink a lot of it?

  3. I'd recommend first to figure out which type of roast is most appealing to you. Light roasts are acidic, fruity, and bright, while dark roasts are bitter, full-bodied, and smooth. Medium roasts are the middle ground between the two. A good grinder is VERY important. You'll want a grinder because freshly-ground coffee tastes fresher, and you'll want a good grinder since they produce a more uniform grind size, which translates to a less bitter, less silty, better-extracted cup. Your brewer is important, too. The $25 Mr. Coffee drip brewer will NOT deliver the same quality cup as a $100 brewer, and neither can match the control you get with a $15 V60 or a $30 French Press. A kitchen scale that can accurately measure grams will help you get the 16:1 ratio of water to coffee, which is generally accepted as being ideal. You can get incredibly in-depth with how you choose to prepare your coffee, and the quality of the cup is strongly correlated with how precise and thorough you are during the brewing process.

  4. All coffee will have some bitterness, though it's a bitterness one can learn to enjoy IMO. The fineness or coarseness of the grind will directly affect the amount of bitterness in your coffee- lighter roasts need to be ground a little more finely in order to bring out all the flavors in the beans, while dark roasts need a coarser grind so as not to become overextracted and nasty. The bitterness of black coffee was the biggest hurdle in my enjoyment of it, but it didn't take me long at all to acquire the taste for it.

  5. It certainly feels that way. I didn't get what I wanted out of the trip, I got what I needed

  6. I’m going to second the comment above this, this is so good to see, we still don’t know anything about psychs in the wider view, what happened to you should be a phenomenon or should I say not even possible without the use of psychs, do you think anything else apart from tripping could of helped you on your bad diet spiral? I was the exact same, I casually went gym and was in good health compared to the average person but as soon as I started my mushroom journey I never immediately had realisations or life changing thoughts but days after my hero dose I’d just notice I feel different, all of a sudden I naturally shoot out of bed, never miss a gym session, everything I could do to better my life I’m doing, so nice to see the same effects for other people, like I say probably not many people know why this is especially on such high doses, we see the mental health effects from micro dosing but hardly any data on what positive effects we get from hero doses, mostly because not many people have the bottle to chug 5g, the minute I did I sat there and thought ‘oh my what have I done’ foetus position for 45 mins as my stomach felt like I was gonna get a alien burst out my chest and I was so focused on the nueasua before I knew it I was tripping balls

  7. This was a long time coming, but the trip made me so viscerally afraid in a way I've never felt before, I just couldn't ignore what my mind and body were telling me anymore. I've also noticed that when I started shedding a lot of weight 3-4 years ago, people (namely, girls) started to treat me differently. Imagine that.

  8. The classic psychedelics (i.e. mushrooms and LSD) are eliminated very quickly by the body. The chemicals will essentially be out of your body by the time you're done tripping. As long as you're not being tested while you're tripping, or maybe the day after, it won't show up on a drug test

  9. You're right, but I'm guessing a lot of reddit psychonauts (including myself) don't have a great diet, and your diet will ABSOLUTELY affect your trip

  10. That sounds like Hell, how did you think this was a good idea?

  11. Hubris. I figured I'd be able to remain calm no matter what I was listening to. That, and I've probably listened to Sister Ray 50 times this year, so I thought it might ground me tbh

  12. I love black country Road never thought to listen to them while tripping but I’ll check it out.

  13. That album really feels like a play when you're tripping. It's the perfect experience, especially when you get to the end of Basketball Shoes. Such a powerful album, and the production is immaculate

  14. Check out morning glory seeds or Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. Both contain LSA, which is very similar to LSD in my experience. Both seeds can be easily and legally obtained online, and can be eaten whole or extracted into a concentrate. Be careful to buy only certified organic seeds (check reviews) and research the side effects. You can get painful leg cramps and it can become difficult to breathe in higher doses. The nausea can be quite bad, as well. I find the negative side effects can be mostly avoided by forcing yourself to throw up immediately after you start to feel the effects of the LSA (feels like coming up on acid.)

  15. Almost nothing matters. Psychedelics have made me love myself, my friends, my family, and nature more. I no longer care about money or success or the material trappings of modern life, which leaves me more room to care about what truly matters

  16. this was a beautiful read. it's interesting when you think about the way shrooms themselves embody life and death, gravitate towards decay but simultaneously connect almost everything on earth through mycellium.

  17. Thank you! This trip made me so grateful for sanity. After becoming completely psychotic for a little while, I can't thank my mind enough for being on my side most of the time.

  18. Edibles are absolutely psychedelic in the right dosage. I'd say a strong edible experience is similar to a tab of acid or 2-3g of mushrooms. The main difference (for me) being that edibles still have a very strong marijuana feeling for obvious reasons, like smoking 50 bowls at once. The body high you get on edibles isn't really there on LSD or shrooms (though both can have very nice body highs.)

  19. I've been hearing alien music the past few times I've taken mushrooms. I'd never heard anything like it before today, when I heard

  20. It helps me to remember that I can't control what's happening to me, and that I'll be alright no matter what happens. I just sit there and breathe deep. Remember that the length of the exhalation determines the calming effect of the breath

  21. I came to a very similar conclusion regarding somethingness and nothingness on mushrooms, and someone pointed me towards nonduality, essentially the belief that there is no separation between any two things in the universe.

  22. DMT, bar none. Would not recommend for a first-timer or someone otherwise inexperienced with the psychedelic headspace (don't know if that applies to you.) Anything will cause you to hallucinate with a high enough dose. Build up to such doses, eat well in the weeks before the trip, (I've heard anecdotally that a clean diet produces more visuals) and trip in an environment conducive to hallucination, preferably a dark room if you really want to go deep. Be careful if you want to trip hard enough to really hallucinate, because these trips can be incredibly stressful.

  23. Queens is butts, Kyuss is S tier. You can't deny the fat ass bass on Welcome to Sky Valley.

  24. I understand Kyuss fans not liking Queens, but there are Queens songs for every Kyuss fan. Born to Hula (both versions), Infinity, Mexicola, and 18 A.D. (probably the best example) can all hang with the best high desert tracks IMO

  25. Weed and liquor combined is safe and synergistic? Damn who made this chart lol

  26. All "synergistic" means is that the two drugs work in harmony to deliver stronger effects. That's why you can get wayyyy to high if you smoke after you've been drinking

  27. Oh right right that makes sense. But I’ve never seen anyone not get the spins and puke from combining weed & alcohol 😭🫠

  28. You're here to be here, so be here. You don't need to be anything, other than being here now. I think that's the whole point of life: just be here now and notice how cool everything is. Your fate isn't important. Fate is the future, and the future doesn't exist. There's only right here, right now, and all the immensity of the universe that comes with it. Everything else is window dressing.

  29. Siddhartha and Steppenwolf, both by Hermann Hesse. Timothy Leary recommended both books for people to read before their first trip. They're not explicitly psychedelic guidebooks, but the lessons presented within those books have helped me (and evidently Leary) have better, more insightful trips. I read both books a year ago, and I still think about them weekly. Definitely my two favorites.

  30. If you like Ram Dass and Alan Watts, I'd highly recommend the books Siddhartha and Steppenwolf, both by Hermann Hesse. They are my two favorite books of all time, and a must-read for anyone interested in psychedelics or spiritual development. Timothy Leary recommended both books for people to read as a primer to their first psychedelic trips. They changed my trips for the better, and I think about them both all the time, despite not having read either of them in a year.

  31. No, an answer is not necessary. Thats the point. People will expend their whole lifes in a pursuit and waste the simpler aspects of life, or acquire/unlock anxiety, existential crysis, depression (I do know mental distresses also comes from biologycal factors, I'm not covering every case here). Thats why I wrote this post, to remember people that we are limited and human (so why bother with it?) and also to make the "I know everything" guys mad.

  32. I agree with this premise. The only issue I have with the post was your assessment that psychedelics can't create wisdom; I think they can in a roundabout way. Not everyone will become wiser after an experience- in order for psychedelics to produce deep thoughts, your mind has to be capable of producing deep thoughts on its own. I've found a greater emotional maturity following my first few deep trips, and this maturity and clarity have allowed me to think more deeply and impartially than before. I'd argue this leads to greater wisdom.

  33. Is an answer really necessary? Psychedelics have made me think otherwise. I don't need the universe to make sense anymore. Chaos and entropy is the natural state of all things, and is one of mankind's greatest anxieties. The body decays, loved one leave us or die, the leaves turn yellow in autumn. Such is life. To embrace such impermanence is freeing, and I'd argue greater wisdom comes from this acceptance. Perhaps I'd have arrived at this conclusion without psychedelics, but maybe I'd have learned this decades in the future, or not at all.

  34. Time does not exist. It's a human construct we invented out of convenience and necessity. There is only the present moment, and we only experience time because we age and die. Things just are. Any emotions you experience are simply another construct of the mind, when really, there are no good or bad events- there are just events. The universe exists: that's reality.

  35. Reading on psychs is super difficult to me. The words will all start swimming around, or the letters would literally jump off the page and land at different places in the word, making everything complete gibberish. I imagine the Bible would be even harder since the text is so small

  36. read the entirety of ram dass’ be here now on 300 ug, which if youve read im sure you can imagine was a doozy. theres a center portion with great pictures and text already layed out to look like its floating or something. was a great and life changing experience. siddhartha another good pick

  37. I tried reading Be Here Now on 3.5g of mushrooms, and reading the illustrated section became incredibly difficult. I found the words hard enough to read while sober since it's so stylized, and on mushrooms it became way more difficult. Props on reading the whole thing on acid. Siddhartha is my favorite book of all time. Every psychonaut should read it IMO. It changed my trips for the better

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