1. Then again, imagine if the entire Mushroom Kingdom was modeled and Mario traveled from spot to spot (towns, resorts, woods, haunted houses, etc), collecting stars while exploring nooks and crannies and addressing NPC requests :)

  2. Nope, but even then, there are ways to integrate HMs without sacrificing team/moveset efficiency.

  3. Once again, it's a spin-off... and not one of the 18 official bullet-hell shmups...

  4. Yze3 says:

    It would need ZUN to actually port these games, and I don't think he ever will. The only reason why we even have Antimony of Common Flower and Goukyou Ibun is because they were develloped by Tasofro.

  5. Can he... ask the fanbase to port them? Can someone in his entourage suggest a Western dev like Aksys Games to do it? Can he ask a console dev to make a custom Touhou shmup title that recap all 18 games?

  6. After how Zero turned out, Armada would have been the actual saving grace for the series :(

  7. I like grass types. I think they are charming, for a lack of better words. They have good colour schemes and grass is kind of the underdog of the three starting types.

  8. Favorite: Dark; this was a godsent back in Gen 2, especially with Psychic and Ghost being rampant.

  9. I factored those in, and there are still a lot of games that they could add.

  10. Problem is the roster is so small that any strikeouts as characters really hurt. Why is the only Blue Ranger from the dogshit 2017 movie? Why include Mastodon Sentry instead of literally any actual Black Ranger? Why is the DLC packed with characters no one asked for (Poisandra, Street Fighter) or that are totally inappropriate for a fighting game (Rita)? Why are only 9 different seasons in the game (10 with Poisandra)? The inclusion of 5 MMPR Rangers and 4 MMPR villains is just too much for such a small roster. Some really obvious choices they could have included: Blue or Silver Ranger from In Space, Blue or Black Ranger (duh!!!) from Dino Thunder, Green or Black Ranger from RPM.

  11. Fighting is the most humanoid type of them all, and because starters are getting increasingly humanoid, there’s lots of fighting type starters.

  12. But then we have Pokémon like Great Tusk and Slither Wing, which are not standing on two legs, for Fighting types at least ^^;

  13. There’s also the fact that you actually own the game. Game gets de-listed from the store? Your account gets hacked or corrupted? Doesn’t matter. You’ve always got a physical copy.

  14. I do see a huge problem in the long run though: buying a used copy for modern consoles doesn't come with any update. If the game is delisted, you may not be able to download patches, which can make games unplayable without them :S

  15. Iirc, the guy who runs GameXplain was overworking the staff and barely paying them anything, so pretty much the entire staff left and founded their own YouTube channel, Good Vibes Gaming (GVG).

  16. They always wait for the sequel to add yoshi. I.e. Mario galaxy 2

  17. How about porting 2D ones into 3D? For instance, in the Mario & Luigi games, there are several co-op moves for traversal ;)

  18. For a technical standpoint, if PR sticks to Super Sentai, they can reuse a lot of footage, saving costs in the long run. However, Super Sentai series tend to be a bit too... quirky for PR's American audience ^^; Personally, I'd take exclusive fight scenes that aren't all about charging head first into danger :P

  19. While don't completely agree Megaforce can't do what MMPR was able to do, I do understand your point.

  20. Back in the days, the Mighty Morphin suits were so iconic (and profitable) that Saban didn't want to break the image when adapting Dairanger and Kakuranger.

  21. No, and even new handhelds (mostly retro-branded) can be plugged to a TV with HDMI.

  22. Since my fellow frenchmen decided to go on a sing-along, might aswell translate up to the first chorus for our "oui oui baguette"-leveled fellow americans:

  23. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you all to look at this little thing here." :P

  24. Game Builder Garage... before that there was Part Time UFO (Switch Port)... before that there was Ring Fit Adventure... before that there was ARMS... before that there was LABO that... and before that there was Splatoon.

  25. tropical freeze is my most played game on the switch- going for that 200% and gold time trials

  26. One thing I would have liked would have been to select Funky Kong in Normal Mode.

  27. Okami on the Switch is the best version of the game. In portable mode, you can just draw on the screen for Celestial Brush techniques. It's so fast and intuitive. No other version comes close.

  28. I played the Wii version (with motion controls). How does the Switch version fare compared to it, control-wise?

  29. If we go by PLA standards, it wouldn't have a starter from it's own region, so Snivy would be out.

  30. If it gets an evolution, it should keep its types and ability, raise it's stats to like 500 ish bst, learn more punches, and get a signature bug type punch.

  31. shits and giggles? It is still a fairy-type at the end of the day, they have enough of a chip on their shoulder to harrass Steel-types in general. Corvinight is prolly just a very easy target for their mischief, begin an airborne pokemon that would be visible on a clear day.

  32. Yeah, Corviknight's main weakness (as Flying/Steel) are Fire and Electric, as Rock deals normal damage. I could see thrown rocks disrupting their flight, and taxi business, but that's not enough to hunt them. Tinkaton learns no move from those typings. I could see it learning Pyro Ball (being an ignited rock), but it doesn't.

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