1. You’ve got be lvl 50 to unlock the Archmastery system, otherwise afaik you’ll need to get an Archmastery Jewel from the shop in the Shopping District, if you have one, from what I understand (and I may well be wrong as I don’t read patch notes and all), but it’ll give you a School Pip every 3 rounds(?) if you don’t naturally generate one? Info I’ve been reading hasn’t been very conclusive, but every School Pip WILL be a Power Pip (for the respective school), but not every Power Pip is a School Pip(?)

  2. Ok good to know, so ig my later statement is incorrect then? Every School Pip is a Power Pip but not every Power Pip is a School Pip?

  3. Right. My ice has life pips, so I can use those pips for life or ice spells if I wanted to. I can't do the same with regular power pips outside of mastery.

  4. Not that I'm aware of. I'm guessing that it might be connected to a side quest though or something.

  5. there are upgrades here and there but they're usually not big enough to justify

  6. This, although at 90, I'd recommend making a quick trip to farm the alpha and Omega ring and Blade of the Felled Titan. Granted, you'll replace the latter once Darkmoor is open, but those are still quite solid to have

  7. There's a little bit left of talking quests. Complete those and then you'll get taken to level 160.

  8. I did the final quest, too, I'm still 200k from where I need to be unfortunately.

  9. Strange, I did all of the main quests myself and I was level 160 after returning to Conatus.

  10. Honestly, if they change this fight, that's definitely something they need to address, like lowering the number of those that you get.

  11. Shouldn't Tartarus and Olympus be switched? Although Atlantea does at least have use for having a high chance of dropping multiple mastery amulets.

  12. Ngl mount olympus is way more remberable than tartarus, but that might be the nostalgia talking

  13. I mean, we go to Mount Olympus a lot more than Tartarus, since it has the best gear possible for level 30. I never did much in Tartarus aside from the athame and trying to get the mastery amulets (before I was told about how overpowered Atlantea is).

  14. This is a genuinely interesting topic, these retro jrpgs have insane dark plots while looking so pure and adorable

  15. I agree with Off the Record honestly. Especially with the sandbox mode where you can spend hours with a friend doing literally whatever you want in game.

  16. Honestly, I wish they could do something like this on

  17. Yeah, theatmoplex posted about this as well, they probably are going to update this in a quick hotfix.

  18. Probably a mistake. I assume they meant to add Peanut flavor at the bottom.

  19. Very good point. I'm also looking forward for some free member.

  20. The game is running an event where the first 5 worlds are free. If you want to try it, now's your chance :-).

  21. This. With some dungeons giving millions in experience, that would be enough to jump people over 50 levels with 1 quest.

  22. If you can find a piece of gear below level 10 with a tear jewel slot unlocked you can do it, but im not sure if such an item even exists. Or as you said, you can wait until they add a pet tallent for archmastery rating.

  23. The only such item that I'm aware of that exists are the deckathalon decks, but you aren't allowed to socket anything until you are at least level 15 (at least, I know that's how it works with pets anyway).

  24. 3 pips and one ice pip. Basically 5 pips like it used to be but now you need at least one ice pip to cast it, meaning you need archmastery rating to use this spell.

  25. Which is very easy to get. If I recall correctly, you can get them easily from the Wizard City jewel vendor.

  26. That is correct. As long as you have any archmastery rating, and your enemy doesnt have any, you get 100% chance to get the school pip of your choice assuming you have 100% power pip chance. This jewel is only necesary until level 50 after which you start to gain this rating naturally.

  27. Right. I wish more people understood this as I'm getting a lot of people who keep saying that school pips aren't possible to obtain until level 50. Seems that some people understand, but others are happy to give disinformation even after it was explained.

  28. Why not? The designers enjoy the holiday as do many people in the country. It makes economic sense to include the holiday as an event.

  29. This. You'd be hard pressed to find a kids game (especially MMORPGs) that doesn't celebrate Christmas in some form.

  30. I think it is free if you spent 3 training points or less.

  31. We need to see these numbers going up. Add a zero to the end of that number to attempt to discourage more people from doing so.

  32. Not that I'm aware of. Although Wizard101 Central probably has some noted down, they aren't going to be counted since all drops only took place in test realm. You might have to wait a while for them to be announced, unless the developers explicitly tell us (although that might not be likely in the immediate future as the world just came out and they don't want to spoil anything right away).

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