1. He’s had a few clips of his in his countdowns before.

  2. Doing what you’re doing. Smoked a pork butt for some pulled pork.

  3. Keep your temps steady as possible, don’t over react, enjoy the process, and make sure you have loads of beer. If it goes perfect, you will be tired and have spent 12 or likely more hours to cook something they takes you 5 minutes to eat. That being said, totally worth it. I have two in the freezer waiting for a free Saturday.

  4. Thank you! Since it’s my first go around, what’s a good time I should put it on Friday for dinner on Saturday? I was originally thinking 5pm but now I’m worried if it’ll take longer, that I’ll be eating super late.

  5. I always thought Ezekiel was Elias until I saw them together on tv. Clearly two different people.

  6. It’s on the table looking forward. Plus don’t live near any airports

  7. I’m going to assume you’re the one in the video since you keep posting the same person. Nothing in any of these are what you say. They’re all easily debunked.

  8. It’s already been explained. The camera is trying to focus between the bright lights in the background and the dark dog in the foreground that’s moving. It’s not the difficult to understand.

  9. That’s not a cat look at the way it moves it’s a shadow

  10. I bet she reaches through the bars and gets stuck then he helps her get out with his wiener.

  11. What are you doing step-Proud Boy?

  12. LOL, as if there was not enough religion in Ohio politics, they still want more power to tell people what to do/how to live.

  13. But wait, aren’t they the party of less government?

  14. I had no idea that was a thing. Thanks for that!

  15. I think we are good again until he dies at which point there is a month and a half where we have to pretend he wasn't a rapey, micromanager who helped cover up at least one murder.

  16. Holy shit. This is my uncles truck.

  17. Does he live in Westgate? We have someone just like this in the neighborhood if not.

  18. They’ll just claim that’s from the Old Testament and that they only follow the New Testament. It’s their loophole they love to go with.

  19. Grilling some chicken breasts for the week and then some NY strips and shrimp for dinner tonight.

  20. Has everyone else gotten several black screen cuts during the show?

  21. I keep getting them. Figured they were cutting out language.

  22. It’s a play on of moose knuckle. A male camel toe basically. The more you know…

  23. Ok I love grilling. So what is it that’s being cooked exactly? Also why the burning? Does it make it even better or is it necessary? Thanks.

  24. It’s not burning. It’s bark. Bark = flavor

  25. You know they'll be doing something crazy for midterms. Roe v Wade on a pole match here we come!

  26. So did the fix the roof on The Spaghetti Warehouse?

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