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  1. That sucks man. Imagine having a polulation so large that they dont even need to conscript to make the world's 2nd largest standing army.

  2. Damn, i guess we need some guys on each side of the spectrum

  3. I have 4.5 inches and mine says its good cuz size doesnt matter

  4. Does the cat have origins to a certain city in africa that is highly advanced technologically

  5. Ok and? Nobody cares about me so the last thing i could do is give a fuck

  6. And built by the slaves whose passports they confiscated

  7. With 200 employees dead during the construction

  8. I know you want people to continue this one, but I'll counter with the good old:

  9. I dont get et why we have diff system here in india, we divide first then multiply

  10. nevermind my wifi bricked my pipi

  11. Umm ackchually 🤓traveling to the past would not be possible theoretically

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