1. I guess you don’t go that often , he passed away a few months ago. This ain’t breaking news or new to anyone on this sub.

  2. Park Side is amazing… I have been there at 20 times. I would fly from California into Laguardia airport for a weekend to dine there. The seafood combination was my plate of choice.

  3. Next time you fly into Queens , you ahoood go to LIC Queens and hit up Manducatis Rustica . It’s tremendous .

  4. I'm glad he's out. What an injustice and gross handling of evidence.

  5. He’s doing what he can to find the real killers . Every day he’s looking high and far . I hear they cleared Cinnabon the other day .

  6. If he’s innocent, why would it be his responsibility to find the real killer?

  7. Cause HML was his friend . Someone he loved . And AS life was ruined by all this , so he should try and find the real killer ( avoiding a mirror is ideal ).

  8. OC shortz is the best for content like this . He’s well researched . If you can get past his accent , he’s the best IMO.

  9. He is fantastic, I get a huge kick out of his butchering of Italian names.

  10. Gary Jenkins from Gangland Wire holds The crown for butchering Italian names in my book.

  11. There is clearly a double standard going on.

  12. Rabia should be fair game .She bashes Everyone. She’s accused countless people . She made herself a public figure .

  13. She is fair game, egregious comments are not. If you’re unable to criticize an individual without making vituperative remarks, you’re no better than Rabia.

  14. So when Rabia was on here , her behavior was ridiculous. She insulted and cursed out anyone who questioned her . But we have to take the high ground? GTFOH With that nonsense .

  15. Reminds me of a scene from the great movie The Usual Suspects

  16. Stay. I wouldn’t reach over his plate but I’d stay

  17. You might lose a finger going for the chicken parm

  18. Depending on where the Chicken Parm is from, it might be worth it 👀

  19. Don’t you live in The area where the cheese is? Ever see him going for a run?

  20. I hope Adnan does the right thing with his freedom. Hopefully he tries to help actual innocent inmates .

  21. I think he committed the crime, but I feel that who he is now is basically as genuine as can be, not "an act." I don't see him making any amends with the Lee family, but I also don't see him killing for the rest of his life.

  22. He can’t make amends with the family. That would be admitting guilt. I hope he can lead a life where he does good and helps those who need it .

  23. Strip clubs , shady . Porn Industry , shady . Gay clubs , shady. For some reason, these all got labelled as shady and LCN ran them For decades .

  24. There’s about 54 confirmed victims of the crew (including Demeo himself and the Gemini Twins’ Lucchese family escapades). Considering the Gemini method literally made bodies disappear, it’s reasonable to consider there are more. Or there may be unsolved murders suspected to be associated with the crew but just can’t be confirmed. I think 75 total is maybe a reasonable estimate?

  25. My two cents . I’ve felt most of the LCN numbers are always inflated . This Guy killed 150 men . Or this bookmaking operation was bringing in 180’ million a month . Government always inflating the numbers .

  26. Rabia juice? Oh my god. These are REAL people, a REAL MURDER, and you’re bent because people don’t agree with your theories (you have no qualifications, you have no personal tie to the case, all you have is access to the internet). This isn’t sports teams, I am completely over this conversation. You can have your opinion, but don’t demand that everyone think exactly like you when there’s not a single thing that makes you more qualified to be an expert on this case than the rest of us.

  27. I’m not demanding anything . I’m not bent . You seem rather angry today .

  28. “Go touch grass” they say, after complaining about the “rabia juice”.

  29. Who’s this guy? Did he work for a cartel?

  30. I told him prison sex only hurts the first 30 or 40 times.

  31. Guess you know from experience? 😉

  32. Nice, balanced comment - no doubt helpful for the high school kid who’s just trying to do an assignment on it. But hey, never miss the opportunity to push your own views, free of any recitation of facts in an impartial manner.

  33. Thank you. I feel my comment was balanced. I am not looking to lie to today's youth. I want them to know a few things up front. Avoid Bob Ruff, Avoid undisclosed.

  34. I don’t necessarily disagree with you on Undisclosed.

  35. I was in Columbia partying and just kicking back for a few weeks, I was in the club when these few guys came over and we was talking about cars and shit and we were just having drinks and cigars when I found out they were cartel, they invited me back to they house (which looking back at it I probably shouldn’t of went to) and they offered me money and an ally if I could buy and manage cars for them. So I now currently manage about 100 different cars for a few different member of the cartel. Still don’t really know anything about them and fuck know how I got into that situation but it’s easy money to say the less.

  36. Shouldn’t the odds be higher for a receiving TD by a QB?

  37. It’s a suckers bet. Hardly happens

  38. I’d rather chose something like Chris Jones SB MVP than this bet. And watch a Philly special happen lol

  39. People Going To bet safeties at bad odds too.

  40. Does anyone know how Dom Grande is the youngest made guy and also a capo? Also, what’s up with Philly’s operations in Boston?

  41. Dead as a doornail for Philly In Boston . One of the guys pictured was doing YouTube videos till he robbed his former capo/ sort of cooperator of all His video Equipment.

  42. Burnstein just said guys were made in the New England branch and that they’ve been active with the patriarcas.

  43. Are you taking about the former soldiers under Bobby Luisi?

  44. Lol. The Feds really went above and beyond to embarrass Castellano in that book. I don’t think Billotti was a candidate for Mensa but he must’ve been doing something right to get to the number 2 spot 🤷‍♂️

  45. You want to tell the story about Bilotti and collecting money

  46. Is that the one where we’re supposed to believe he made a debtor blow him in front of people 🤷‍♂️. How would that have gone over with the bosses. 😂

  47. Because he has a large following with the Bonannos. All the top remaining members lined up behind him post-Basicano.

  48. Does He really ? He definitely has Some loyalists but he basically Shelved 3 high rankings members who attempted a coup .

  49. He was able to maintain a level of support to nullify Cammarano’s attempt ultimately. Dominick Cicale testified that after Basciano was indicted, many of the capos on the street quickly aligned behind and supported Mancuso seizing control. His main supporters were Santora, Rabito, Badalamenti, Spirito, and Palazzolo; likely Montagna and DiFiore as well.

  50. If I recall , Mancuso was boss , got arrested . Sal the Ironworker took over . Who replaced Sal? Mancuso got voted in 2013 if I recall correctly . And Mancuso acting boss was Joe C?

  51. I’m getting downvoted 😂😂😂😂

  52. You are rather well liked on here it seems!

  53. Johnny Martorano. He did an interview with 60minutes. Last I heard, he was walking around without a care in the world. Who’s going to say anything to him🤷‍♂️. He knew about Connolly and Bulger. It wasn’t a secret with those guys. They were working with the FBI when Bulger was still sitting in Alcatraz, before anyone knew who Whitey was.

  54. I’ll check it out. Does he say anything or no? I think he did make a joke or something in it about being hired for Another hit

  55. It’s been awhile since I read up on Bumpy, but GOH is the most accurate depiction so far that I’ve seen, although a few folks are missing. There are a few books out, one written by his wife. And I’ve watched a some documentaries as well. I believe the “Mobsters” series had an episode on him. I wasn’t impressed by Michael Franzese’s information about him. You might try cross referencing - Dutch Shultz, Frank Lucas… etc to find out more.

  56. Is this breaking news? First time I’m hearing of it .

  57. I gave you a like, but I respectfully have to disagree on the show's likeability.

  58. It’s funny . I will continue watching it. The blah is more about it being a mob show . It’s a bit ridiculous and hard to believe on many levels .

  59. The man In the middle. Looks very stiff.

  60. They are at a party and that's a cardboard cutout of Chickie DeMartino. He couldn't attend cause he was locked up, if I'm not mistaken.

  61. Vincent gotti. A lot of people connected to gigante too.

  62. Vincent got shelved and banned From around here for that . I believe he lives in PA now

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