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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. Plot twist: Ayiza already fell for the scam, and now the scammer is on his reddit telling everyone it is legit.

  2. Honestly investing some more into just diamond bolting the entire caves will make it a bit smoother , PLUS as others said add a tank helm

  3. He’s my New hero Authenticator = invincibility/immortality

  4. I’ve gotten hacked with Authenticator - can confirm it’s not invincible

  5. Ghost no fit in jar, they would need special Danny phantom ghost busting bottle

  6. 😂 lmao still a loooong grind

  7. I had a buddy that WFH everyday and he did 99 Herblore by legit cleaning herbs. The worst part about it is he did lantadymes/avantoes to be able to find a good middle ground of price/buying more in bulk.

  8. If you aren’t already making great money IRL doing murals and want to - Hit my inbox.

  9. I’m bothered by the fact that it’s level 99 cum , there are 30 cum prayers and then you are only level 52 prayer so you can’t activate any of the 30 level 99 cum prayers

  10. There has been multiple man NPCs popping up around the map in strange places

  11. If you ever get key-logged, they will know your pin aswell with this method. Just food for thought.

  12. I think adding another server at this point will make all servers even more trash and ultimately you will get the same result pictured

  13. You have 19 uniques, that puts you at a unique every 16 kills.. I’d say that’s pretty damn good!

  14. EOC was 100% the final blow for me. Strike 1 was removing wilderness & trade ( but we all can’t quit forever) . Strike 2 was controversially dungeoneering for me. ( was a mini game; not a skill IMO & would have loved to see the powercreep via content like osrs )

  15. I think it’s in your best interest to De-iron and explore the game in a different light. As we are approaching a 200M all skills Ironman I don’t think there is much value in the game mode anymore- especially with leagues, fresh start, etc .

  16. It was genuine. It sounds to me like he would have more fun with an iron after he’s explored most of the game and developed more PVM skill

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