Donald Trump indicted over hush money payments in Stormy Daniels probe

He do be dancing though

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  1. Leggy. When you plant them plant with about 1/3 above the soil (leaves up 🤣) and they will do fine.

  2. As an Australian I see this akin to HBO releasing the next episode of Succession. Simple entertainment.

  3. Heading to the beach every chance you had was so ingrained in the Australian psyche. But it takes its toll. My wife had a small mole on her back which a local GP removed. It metastasised to her lymph glands and she was given 6 months to live. It then metastasised to her brain and against all odds lodged on an existing benign tumour so it was removed with little damage. She was then given three months to live. 25 years later she’s still going strong and she’s the love of my life. So slip, slop, slap folks.

  4. I would take a look into micro dosing psilocybin. I am still using CBD but I find the re wiring effects better

  5. Damn that must have hurt…but you look great. Well worth it.

  6. Free will, free guns. (Well not free but available)

  7. This is such BS just playing on Americas insecurity. I’m an Aussie and visited China several times. Is everything perfect? Not by a long shot but if I had to put money on which country will still be growing and functional in 50 years, my monies on China. Sorry guys. I love the US and spent a lot of time there but it’s in free fall.

  8. I’m truly shocked. CBD is available all through the EU and completely legal in Switzerland. Edit. And Germany

  9. Set aside some time together and take her somewhere she really likes, then gently don’t.

  10. This is perfect relationship advice for almost everything. Edit /s for those who have lost all their sense of humour.

  11. Hopefully signalling the demise of all organised religions.

  12. I do this all the time. Works perfectly and yes degassed.

  13. This where you need an American wielding it’s second amendment. /s

  14. No. As long as the account is in your name you are fine.

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