1. Hopefully signalling the demise of all organised religions.

  2. I do this all the time. Works perfectly and yes degassed.

  3. This where you need an American wielding it’s second amendment. /s

  4. No. As long as the account is in your name you are fine.

  5. I used mason jar weighed down by another one with water on it. I find it easier.

  6. The polycarbonate or cotton one?

  7. Damn. Didn’t see the polycarbonate….sorry.

  8. Yeah. I just started getting it a few months back. Truly sucks.

  9. Apparently. I just moved from the tropics to Europe and needed warmer socks. Fumbling around one morning I noticed they were uncomfortable and saw the L and R desegregation. Still a bit confused.

  10. A heartwarming story about a boy and his beloved dog....his beloved, creepy, misshapen dog, with funky ears, and a propensity for punching things.

  11. Damn this YouTuber is annoying. Nothing original just piggybacks other people’s initiatives.

  12. Philippines residents are taxed with a withholding tax on dividends 25% (or 15?). There is a

  13. Why do you think this week happen? Is there an etf trading restriction for Portugal residents?

  14. My understanding is the entire EU restricts trading in US ETFs

  15. Did you specified your address to be in Australia?

  16. I too gave my Philippine address as my residence because I am tired and wary of using a US mailing service or friends or relative’s address. There seems to be different views on what withholding taxes IBKR will impose on me. Is it possible to ask IBKR what they will collect?

  17. I would think their support chat should be able to advise.

  18. Little shit needs a good smack around the earol

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