1. Housemate turned out to be an amateur boxer. He was tiny, like a human bantam, so obv had a complex about it. He started calling me (the home owner) 'Mother Hubbard' despite me telling him to just use my name, good Lord. Had a girlfriend, and on his birthday, they went out for dinner in the City. About midnight, I heard him come in, and went back to sleep, only to be woken by flashing blue and red lights through my bedroom window. There were FOUR police cars out the front, and a DOGSQUAD unit. Wondering WTF had gone on, I heard them knock on the downstairs door to housemate's room, and lots of voices. I went down to speak to the police, and just then a tilt-tray truck turned up, loaded housemate's car on the back, and then housemate was handcuffed and pushed into a police car.

  2. Talk to Police link 131 444 they should be able to direct you to the best options.

  3. Contact your local council and report. Did this occur in a public place? I'm assuming the attacking dog was not restrained in any way (off lead, running loose etc.). Was your dog on a lead at the time? Write down everything that happened, what you witnessed, if there were other witnesses who can back up your statements, the date, day, time of the attack, the impact on your dog, you or your kids if they were present. Keep it unemotional, factual, don't make assumptions, just state the facts. Council should address your concerns quite rapidly.

  4. We have lantana. Metric shit tons of it. And moth vine. And that micky mouse plant shrub everywhere. We’ve probably got the others too, I just don’t know what they are!

  5. Yeah, they're quoting absurd prices because they don't really want the job, but MAY decide to do it if you accept their overpriced quotes. Plus it's been an exhausting summer, incredibly hot and uncomfortable even at 6 in the morning when they like to start the pour, but hubby said there's also a lot of competition for getting concrete from the plants, so... yeah.

  6. Heck yes! As a rule, big cuttings like whole branches root quite well. Just lop off, let it dry for a couple of days then plant. OR lop the branch off you want, dip the cut end in rooting hormone or rooting powder (avail in garden section of Bunnings), then plant straight away. They will be going into dormancy soon though, and will stay leafless until spring, so don't worry that you may have killed it. If the 'skin' of the trunk/branch is scraped with your fingernail and white sap oozes out, it's OK.

  7. Thank you for doing my survey, I’m new to Posting on reddit so the post may be a little rough around the edges (got removed three times before I posted it) but I think its a fun little survey.

  8. It actually read very well :) Good luck on your studies!

  9. I actually think I remember you! You would have been fairly young and enthusiastic at that stage, if you're the person I think you were.

  10. 2D’s Backup Singer - I still cringe at myself for this stupid ass name. Good times back then, I remember this one user very clearly for some reason was on it all the time, “mouse” something was his name… like Modest Mouse or Mighty Mouse I can’t remember lol

  11. Yeah, just 'Mouse' on the later forums, but he was an insufferable edgelord on both.

  12. You sweat at the slightest bit of physical effort and overheating in summer is a real risk.

  13. Remove yourself to safety ASAP, then report to Police as assault.

  14. Mere months ago, I read a book 'Beaten By A Blow' about shearer life, and believe it was about the unionism of the trade. If you didn't have a union 'ticket' you were frozen out.

  15. Put up a really obvious fake camera (lots on ebay for low $) on the corner of the shed with a fake wire to make it seem real.

  16. That yellow area on the surface is sunburn. I had a cutting in the ground look like this, and I thought it would die, but it struggled on, and is now about a metre high, but the yellow 'burn' mark can still be seen on the trunk. They are pretty tough, but this summer has been brutal. You can move it, or paint it with the same white lime mix citrus orchardists do to protect it, literally like sunscreen, but only on the burned side. Or you can erect a shadecloth over it, but really, the damage is done.

  17. Cheers. Hmm, maybe moving it would be the best option. But then what to replace it with. The lime mix also sounds like an interesting thing to try though.

  18. That would depend on the space you have around where this little one is currently planted; the Colorbond fence is very close, so something with a vertical growth habit perhaps? Or move the planting zone another half a metre to a metre away from the fence to give branch growth some space, or it'll be ramming up against the Colorbond. Plumies do OK in a large pot, but I'm talking a 750mm diameter or larger, so it won't be easily relocated if you pot it up (you'd have to use a hand trolley or something) but at least it could be moved into full sun during Spring, Autumn and Winter, then moved to a shadier position during our increasingly ferocious summers. Cheers! Oh, and here's that limewash 'recipe'. :)

  19. Unless you are on a contract that stipulates your work hours include 'after hours', then you don't need to do this shit. If you are not getting paid to be 'on call' to do after hours work, then you shouldn't be expected to, UNLESS HE IS PAYING YOU OVERTIME.

  20. Don't care if it is. I have Eucalypt Colorbond fences b/c it's a nice, neutral, natural colour. If it were 'dated', why then is it one of Colorbond's most popular colours? Why would you look at grey when green is more soothing to the eye?

  21. Bilara (red), Patonga (green), Camira (gold/yellow) and one for blue that I can't recall. this was in the 70s at Nudgee. My younger sister had teams of which Flinders (gold/yellow) was one I recall.

  22. A weed that will reach five m in height - also toxic. Best to remove it.

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