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  1. It's a flowering stem. Just cut it off, right below where it curves. The weight of the flowers has pulled the scape horizontal.

  2. Yep. Curl grubs eat the roots of the plant and other organic material in the soil. We used to 'grow' Xylotrupes beetles in leaf mulch/compost and eventually, all that would be left was the frass, and we'd have to re-introduce more organic matter. If you have friendly butcher birds, currawongs or magpies, they LOVE these.

  3. I have read that this is a thing. Post-gig blues are real. It'll ease up in a while, but hey, you still have so much great music to listen to! Check YouTube for vids taken by others at live shows, it really helps.

  4. And tell him he's next if he doesn't pull his whiny piss-baby finger out and HELP RAISE HIS OWN CHILD.

  5. I plan on taking both dogs with me, we also have a boxer. He won't even get up in enough time before work to take them out potty before leaving.

  6. Doesn't want the responsibility of a DOG or his own CHILD; get out now, this will NOT get better. He isn't taking any of his responsibilities seriously.

  7. Looks like a European wasp. By now any info won't be of much use, but ice and an antihistimine for hayfever should help with pain and swelling.

  8. Yep one of my first Physical Education memories was learning the nut bush in grade 1

  9. Were you also subjected to barn dancing wonders like the Heel and Toe Polka or the Progressive Barn Dance? Also, I just found this;

  10. Who’s wearing Chanel logo clothing? What man is wearing Chanel anything?

  11. All the freaking Eshays 'round here think it's the height of fashion.

  12. Plume moths often live around/lay eggs on geranium (Pelargonium) species. :) I have these here in Queensland, Australia, but they are different to yours in appearance.

  13. Canvas. All tarps used to be canvas until about the 80's when cheap plastic tarps came onto the market. Canvas or tarpaulin would be the term; Army has used it since time immemorial, and my Dad had lots of it, as an Army Reservist. With good brass grommets for holes around the edge, it's eminently tie-down-able, water proof, and top quality. Sail merchants/ships chandlery places should have it, otherwise, Google is your friend.

  14. Chicken noodle soup with a couple of eggs cracked into it, and cooked rice.

  15. Lights on the Hill trucking convoy. Heading for the LOTH memorial just outside Gatton.

  16. Commemorating all the trucker's lives lost doing their job. LOTH is located just outside Gatton, which is where the convoy is headed, I think to assemble in the showgrounds.

  17. She was doing it the hard way. Second way is the correct way, to get only the song, and NO background sounds.

  18. This chap Finn Peacock is an ex-CSIRO scientist; I recommend you read the info and get three free obligation-free quotes.

  19. I read every night unless I'm exhausted, so a huge deal for me. I sometimes go to bed earlier than usual, so I can read for longer, and still get my 8 hrs sleep. Last week, I bought a book and read it that night, from start to finish, ending my reading at 1am. I was tired next day for work, but still OK. When I find a book I can't put down, this can happen, haha.

  20. Your local lapidary club has lots of nice rocks on display.

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