1. And why wasn’t this guy shot at 35 times? 😒

  2. I missed it but oh my god these photos on her feed are SO dark. And then I watch her stories and they are so much lighter. This is worse than Webs in terms of trying to figure out the actual color, bah.

  3. I don’t mind the pivot on her playlist thing, and I appreciated that she was transparent about it after some things she hadn’t been transparent about in the past. But I really didn’t like the way she responded directly to that person’s question in stories. I’ve had a similar experience where the yarn I ordered didn’t match either version of the photos.

  4. She’s sweet and I loved my Taco Bell yarn from her!

  5. I didn’t realize he did the whole alphabet I thought he was just doing a lot of alliteration, lmao

  6. McCarthy should just claim he won the election and the election is rigged to appeal to this minority base.

  7. I’m a knitter who also likes baseball and I consider myself pretty rad so this checks out

  8. I love your test knit! I was going to test this but I had a family emergency and had to pull out. I did buy it though and can’t wait to make it, I love Jamie’s patterns! It looks super engaging!

  9. Please no I haven’t had heat since 12/22 and I haven’t had hot water in over 48 hours

  10. Have you checked you condensate pump and line ? If those are full or clogged, furnace will shut off

  11. Following as my husband and I are also transplants!

  12. From my hometown! Joliet represent! We named an elementary school after her.

  13. I haven’t worn jeans without being miserable in at least six years. I’m a SAHM and we were very housebound for the last couple years. So it was just a lot of sweatpants and leggings. I finally bought some Universal Standard jeans a couple months ago and I finally feel comfortable and warm. I love the Riviera high rise skinny.

  14. Do the Universal Standard jeans sag/slide down at all or do they stay out throughout the day? I’m having the sagging problem lately with all my usual favorite jean brands as I’ve gone from jeggings to actual jeans and it’s really annoying.

  15. When I finished A Man Called Ove I was bawling and when I finished Ocean At The End Of The Lane I was tearing up, I know those offhand.

  16. Lol Illinois. I felt that way too but lived in Chicago so I moved to Atlanta.

  17. “Thank you for coming to my TED talk” after a paragraph

  18. Saving as I want to make my husband a shirt some day! Any big takeaways/I wish I knew before/I’m glad I took the time to x you can recommend to a first time shirt sewist?

  19. The man who made me a Dodgers fan. This broke my heart.

  20. Every single conversation between the umps and the managers needs to be mic'd up like this. This is why I love baseball, lol.

  21. This is the most intense argument I’ve ever heard and I have no idea what they are telling about

  22. Runoffs are rooted in voter suppression so instead of dumping on Raffensburger being Raffensburger the end result may be a good thing (two wrongs make a right).

  23. You've mastered the Zadie...great fit & fabric! You seriously can make one for any occasion now, rt?

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