1. I'm a soft autumn so brights look really clashy on me. Buuuuttt I'm also an FG with gamine and dramatic essence so clashing kindof is a thing for me??

  2. Idk about autumn cause i actually like you on this pink top !

  3. Grrr I know! Honestly I'm so confused at this point. Most people previously thought autumn but there was a summer argument as well? But my hair starts out dark ashy brown and then turns golden in the sun

  4. I have similar coloring to you, and I am a Summer :) look into Soft Summer, it tends to suit us Summers who have darker hair and hazel, autumn-y eyes

  5. Interesting! I thought because I am "warm" I would be an autumn! And because so muted, a soft one. But maybe I'm more muted than I am warm?

  6. You’re right, I used the wrong word. Will edit now!

  7. We're all confused when it comes to seasonal color analysis. It's actually waayyy more complicated than I thought.

  8. I made a list of colors I think look good or am comfortable wearing and worked backwards

  9. I just saw your pics. You definitely stand out as an autumn. (Im a soft autumn and i see a ton of autumn mistypes but rarely i automatically see an autumn when i go to pics). I can see why people are thinking u are summer because you are very muted. But i dont see any summer in you so its hard to say you are soft autumn. You also seem soft/muted for the dramatic deep autumn palette that borders winter. I see no coolness to you, even if neutral i see no specific undercurrents of coolness. But like i said you are muted so your warmth is not bright or spicy as i call it or vibrant as ive seen it called. I would say just wear any and all moderate fall colors / not the most intense or the most pastel. Im about to compare you to sub palettes to see if i get any more insights

  10. Omg! Finally someone understands me! Thank you so much for this! It actually makes total sense, cause I am dark, warm and very muted, and it's the mutedness that throws off normal deep autumn recs. You're a genius!

  11. When I checked the color palettes you posted, I noticed there are a lot of Dusty ish blues in soft autumn, and those are not the best for me, so maybe you're onto something with the deep autumn

  12. If you're appearance overall is warm to warm-neutral, and you have a highish contrast, you might be a deep autumn (autumn/winter). That would explain why she might have assumed you were a winter

  13. I'm also super confused but this but I'm pretty sure I'm an autumn and both those colors look terrible on me?

  14. I also believe I'm an autumn (maybe between a dark autumn and warm autumn) and those colours also look terrible on me!

  15. I don't mind it but I don't love the front blond pieces in her hair?

  16. Yeah I’m not sure where the idea that SNs have “less curve” than the other curve accommodating IDs is coming from. I remember there was a post where someone said they felt “too curvy” for SN ???

  17. I'm assuming this stems from the deletion of the pure natural, who at shorter heights, are often lumped into SN now

  18. I would say likely, you seem angular but in more of a juxtaposed, less obvious/dramatic way. As well you have elongation and a "coltish" look

  19. Thank you for this! When you say in a “dramatic” way - does that imply a dramatic essence? Edited - I misread what you said … in a non dramatic way… got it!

  20. Not necessarily, I mean that physically you're angular and have elongation, yang elements, but don't read as overtly dramatic to me. Essence is a whole other journey, but one that I'd encourage anyone to explore!

  21. Argument for FG, she's under the height limit, looks smallish, but with elongation and square but not blunt?

  22. Oooh you have an Autumn Aztec sun around your pupil, and the strong brown freckle is another sign of Autumn. You have a blue Winter stream base with an olive overlay, which is another sign of Autumn. You might be some type of Autumn, likely True Autumn. Your eyes are beautiful!

  23. Thank you so much! For the iris assessment and the compliment! You're definitely right, I am most likely some type of autumn! I've never been professionally analyzed but I'm warm and muted, so that follows!

  24. I think you're dead on with deep autumn, and those colors look really complimentary

  25. You look more like a summer to me... ashy brown hair, cool complexion, cool eyes? Next guess would be winter, depending on your clarity

  26. You might be right, now that I'm looking at cool summer specifically I see that I kinda fall into that category, does this mean that silver would look better on me?

  27. That would make sense I think! I had a simple color analysis a few years ago where I was typed spring, but it was very general and only took the 4 general seasons into account. I was leaning towards autumn myself and I also agree on the muted part, though I feel a lot of the soft autumn colors are waaaaay too light for me (in general I feel like I can’t really pull off the lighter/pastel colors). But maybe I’ll have to try again and see whether that’s actually true, haha.

  28. It's not all cut snd dry. Even if youre definitely a soft sutumn#, Some colors or shades will work better for your specific color, complexion, eyes, hair. I'm in the same boat. Soft autumn fits best, but really I fall somewhere between true and soft autumn. It's s spectrum and we're all unique ❤️

  29. I would think 1, as he talks about continuous line, not broken like as we see in 2

  30. Personally I'm a fan of the summer palette, and think you might be a summer based on your eyes, (cool) complexion and hair (ashy-ish). Also, black doesn't seem to do you any favors, which might indicate lightness

  31. I think slavic and fairytale...and something else girlish...not alabaster but one of the childlike/ingenue ones

  32. Thanks for your insight! I think I lean more towards warm tones but it’s weird because I look good in some purple tones that are more cool. So I’m always confused about which palette should I pay more attention and sometimes people from outside can figure out more quickly 😊

  33. Autumn's can sometimes borrow from winter palette so that makes sense

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