Amount charged to get a covid test

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  1. I saw alook like cat like this at aub last sunday not sure if its the sameone.

  2. still remember seeing many of these burning on tv during the 2006 war when they entered the valley and were ambushed by hezbollah atgms

  3. He also says yel3an ekhteek, like meaning, goddd damn itttttt while jumping in the water .

  4. Ouff what a day, i remember driving through the streets of my beloved capital.it felt surreal. Like an apoclyptic event. Cars on fire, air is black and dusty. I remember seeing a cross traffic light dangling side ways and stuck on an electric grid cable , and the light was yellow. Windows broken everywhere. People dripped in blood. Sounds of car alarms, bank alarms on. Seeing furniture on the main road that flew off top floors of buildings.

  5. 15% customs then 11% VAT on top of that.

  6. I thought Sheikh Zayed's wishes were never to build a casino in the country.

  7. I’ve never wanted to be less right in my life as I have with Covid. In January 2020, my friends thought I was crazy buying Pediatric N95’s for my kids and an oxygen concentrator, because I knew it was coming here. In March I diagnosed one of the first cases in my county despite being told by admin that I was chasing Zebras not horses. I lost my job in May of that year because I insisted on quarantining staff and patients with signs of infection.

  8. “Did nitrous oxide make retarded?” - based on this sentence I’d say it’s a possibility.

  9. you should see Ciprofloxacin , not a recreational drug but a medical drug antibiotic that causes permanent damage.

  10. Much better then people randomly terrorizing banks and their customers.

  11. you have to fix your statement since the person "terrorizing" the bank with a plastic toy gun is a customer him/herself whose hard earned money is not being withdrawn & by "steal" you mean take back their own stolen money.

  12. While he/she is a customer that are trying to take back their money, they are making it worse for everyone except for bank owners.

  13. Well imagine your friend waiting for a month but people have been waiting for 3 years.... your friend would do the same if it lead to that.

  14. but why not bash instagram, facebook , youtube for banning people left and right as well?

  15. ok ok guys i get it. 12 hours is a lot of time. now can you guys please stop repeating the same " 12 hour is too long " replies

  16. You know it amazes me how many times people will ask a question on Reddit that would be answered in a 10 second Google search

  17. No, #1 priority is making keychup on pizza illegal.

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