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  • By - 55o

  1. With weird fucks like all of you, I would not be staying in hotels. Full on stalkers. I love watching this shitshow.

  2. If she thought anyone in this sub was stalking her, she wouldn’t stay in her car in a parking lot 🤡

  3. If you partook in Amsterdam and came back and smoked the Ohio medical bud that is limited on percentages you definitely got a boost

  4. Friendly tip! Krakens on a sloop are very easy to kill. Each tentacle is 3 hits to kill. You need to kill 3 tentacles. You can kill a kraken on a sloop in seconds if you don’t panic and start shooting right away.

  5. Had a great time getting it all. Was a painful experience, I had no chance. I fell off the boat trying to find where to dock on the island and the second I hit the water it turned black. With my boat full speed ahead and me being close to the island the mermaid never appeared to let me back on the boat. I had to watch my boat be sank as it floated away from me.

  6. That thing is scary bro, from the bottom of my heart be careful. That’s one of the fakes I’ve ever seen

  7. Is that the 24/7? Put a bullet in the head and shake it real hard, you’ll see what Taurus is famous for haha

  8. You panicked and bought a hunting rifle… not bad but you need to take a step in a better direction like an ar

  9. Just to let you know I wouldn’t smoke that one too quickly, that is a .5 pod not a full gram

  10. Oh I know, I have D8 for the day and this for my night

  11. I understand a lot of these posts, but his subject in particular is honestly nobodies business but that families. Anyone who speaks on it really is weird as shit and needs to look in the mirror. This shit is weird as fuck 😂😂

  12. Cars without autopilot have been in much, much many more accidents. Idiotic post.

  13. Her first baby died because she got in an accident while pregnant, now she's speeding with Fern and pregnant again. I guess she doesn't care that's how her daughter died the first time.

  14. Does this have her speed posted? Lmfao. You guys are like children gossiping about something. You guys are alll putting money in her pockets and acting like you’re ruining her life. I promise as much as she bothers all of you, you WILL be okay. It’s not your life to be concerned about. Poor things.

  15. You live in Florida. That has the CA warning that basically every fake vape has. Do you think someone really went out of their way from cali all the way to Florida to make and extra few dollars? No. That is fake. If you don’t live in cali, anything with CA is FAKE!!!!!!!!

  16. Is it really that much of a difference(honest question), I’ve kept pieces like this and never noticed it compared to like a dirty flower bong.

  17. Mold tends to grow in that environment from the heat of the dabs. The issue with mold in a bong is it releases spores and when you inhale you’re inhaling the mold spores.

  18. For the most part you're going to find fakes on the market yes. I don't think this papa's herb one is fake though, they're a budget distillate out of California and Florida and I wasn't able to find any fake packaging you can buy online nor have I seen anyone talk about them having fakes so that put me at ease a bit.

  19. Most fake packaging is sold on the dark web, but alas this does look legit, but you never know. Why put something in your lungs on the off chance that you “think” it’ll be okay?

  20. Fair point. There is only so much reading you can do to try and see if a cartridge is safe, so yeah in the end it is a risk I'm taking. I at least try to only buy stuff that looks like it came from a dispensary, or from a dispensary myself. Looking over the packaging for this cart, it does look legit though..has no errors anywhere, compliant California packaging (listing grams and ounces for the weight), and it actually gets me stoned so I'm happy :)

  21. Just be careful my friend. I’m 20 years old and was buying shotty wax for the past two years and started coughing up blood about a year ago. You only get one set of lungs, and what doesn’t hurt you now, 20 years down the road will

  22. Ca sticker = fake unless you actually live in cali. Why do all fake brands throw the cali sticker? It really makes them stick out.

  23. I will definitely make sure to return to deal island one more time before I leave this earth, not much longer left here.

  24. Why are all you idiots so concerned with someone else? Good lord you guys are like children over this woman. At some point you will realize everyone doing this is why she acts “weird” you guys all think she’s crazy and shit and she’s chilling getting her bills paid by all of you. Stupid.

  25. Yeah they banned dispos in the city of Mansfield itself already like directly after it was legalized

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