1. You have frags and high qual in your hotbar and you’re saying the game is trash? Buddy…

  2. Because he owns a group on Reddit with a lot of followers. Always makes people feel like they’re the owner of some shit lmfao it’s a Reddit group

  3. Y'all should really try to play this on PC, it's been Poppin since the new update.

  4. Maybe firearms aren't for you. Take up knitting...no, there are short pointy things involved in that.

  5. Not gonna lie got the notification on my phone and had to click on it because I though you used the Shrimp emoji…

  6. So you just can’t add new players?? Im trying to play with my brother on his Xbox and I’m PlayStation so there’s not shit I can do??

  7. Not that the “kids thinks your post is lame” but rather he’s telling your dense ass that your dabs are going to condensate and mold from sitting directly on ice. Don’t post something stupid and not expect to be called, well, stupid.

  8. The fact that you cannot understand sarcasm is stupid. Those dabs were gone in the same day. I'm well aware how condensation forms, but I don't care because that was the first and last time I did that. There was even a reason I did it, maybe read all the comments before looking, well, stupid.

  9. Yeah, I’m sure you sat and smoked 9 grams right then and there. Stupidity at its finest.

  10. You guys are trash. Bbb has been contacted aswell. Enjoy your Llc whil it lasts

  11. Go with their hybrid titanium nail, it’s invincible and you can get glass inserts that are much cheaper than a new nail if they break

  12. Why come here to say it is bad? We all already know that, that’s not why we play the game. You will be okay.

  13. H809 says:

    And came for karma.

  14. Dude why aren't you spilling the info?

  15. Look into it find his Facebook and find all the posts about him, I don’t know what exactly are facts and what are not, just who did what. You can see just as much as I can, and it’s really not all my business to throw out there. Just wanted to share an oddly terrifying picture.

  16. There is indeed a post from his mom saying they know who the killer is.

  17. Thank you, they can think and feel how they’d like. If they would look into it like you did they would understand. If you guys care so much why don’t you simply search it?

  18. Melted the Plstic off a bread tie put it through the screw hole on the earpiece then melted it through the frames of my glasses twisted it and wore them for 6 more months

  19. your comment history indicates you would likely fail a background check, which would then entail a felony should you be in possession of one.

  20. Homie if I sent a pic of what I smoked this year alone you’d see how wasteful ohios med program is

  21. Bro what? I’m saying I’m from Ohio lmao. Can you read?

  22. “You’d see how wasteful ohios med program is” again, those are not from the Ohio med program. None of those

  23. …for 15 minutes and then your wireless controller’s auto shutoff kicks in and boots you out.

  24. Pull it apart and use isopropyl with q-tips to clean out the heatsink. This looks like an OG PS4, so I'm not sure how to take it apart, but it be best to start using YouTube.

  25. You realize home was need thermal paste and shit right? You don’t just pull it apart and throw it back together.

  26. Thanks for reminding me but you don't have to be an ass about it.

  27. I was scrolling through free games on ps4 and saw this Idk if its glitched or something

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