1. Not only Apple TV, but MacBooks and iMacs, basically any Macs with infrared sensors

  2. That was a good guess tho, you probably had iPod shuffle on your mind, am I right?

  3. I literally bought one a week ago and I have the same problem. I'm a bit disappointed because it's very difficult to write with it if you don't hit the centre of the capsule.

  4. So, I simply got used to hitting these keys hard, now when I type it sounds like a typewriter. You can really get used to it

  5. I agree but I also think that the thinner the case gets the more likely it is to break if you drop it

  6. I actually dropped mine case few times and nothing happened to it, they hold up pretty well

  7. He jus lives in the backwoods of Michigan. Internet gotta be dogshit there

  8. There are screenshot grabbers for OS9.

  9. Okay, I though that there is a setting for better quality built in screenshot

  10. Probably the wallpaper itself enhances the rest of the image. I had the same reaction you did.

  11. The problem with a 32-bit operating system is the available addressing space is limited by 32 bits. Basically what that means is using single registers the system cannot handle a number larger than 4,294,967,295 (or 0y11111111'11111111'11111111'11111111, or 0xFFFFFFFF). 4,294,967,295 bytes = 4,194,304 kb = 4,096 mb = 4 gb.

  12. I have never seen in my entire lifetime a more precise answer and explanation in one Reddit comment, you really deserve some appreciation for this

  13. I used VidCoder, but Handbrake also should do the thing. Of course, I used it on modern machine and then transferre file via flash drive.

  14. I’ve been using Filestar, it has nearly every format, but they don’t always export correctly and you have like 10 free exports per month, provided that you had given them your email (I didn’t)

  15. That makes sense, I’ll unplug it and see if it changes

  16. Lol I know it’s not my business, but please update me on this, I’m really interested in the result

  17. The only thing annoying about this mouse, is you can’t charge it while using. Because some Steve Jobs wannabe poor ass designer at Apple thought it looked better.

  18. Mine lasts literally months, I don’t know how charging it for less than hour every few months is a design flaw, but I need to admit that I don’t like this design, its clicking sound is too loud and mouse may be comfortable to use, but it’s hard to really grip it and DPI is to low for me

  19. To piggy back on this, distilled water works best

  20. literally only 3 words. not givin us much to work with

  21. £20?!?!? I remember these from art college and wanted one so badly.

  22. I mean, people literally threw them away few year ago, you could get one for free

  23. The 9 on the watch face is “upside down” so it looks like there’s two 6s

  24. So what is the correct way to put nine there? It wouldn’t make any sense to put it in other way.

  25. I think it would also work if the 9 was rotated 180 degrees. If you think about the design it makes sense, it’s more of a “can’t unsee” kind of thing that I’ll notice whenever I look at it (and I changed the version of this face on my watch so there is no 9)

  26. i was just looking for this sub but couldn't remember its name

  27. One option, back up your data then do a restore from iTunes, if that doesn't help, use Apple Configurator 2 and do a full restore from there (it redownloads iOS from Apple's servers)

  28. What is AppleConfigurator 2, I know what AppleConfigurator is, but never hear of 2nd version

  29. Then there was already an answer to his question and I thought I might help him with another thing

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