1. I hate those stupid blow dryers that are built into the sinks... Who wants dirty sink water blown all over them?

  2. I have never seen this and my mind is blown. Such a bad idea to put the dryer over the wet counter.

  3. Word is they're "saving them" for a massive knockout strike on the Ukrainian electric grid planned in the coming days (that could also involve Iranian ballistic missiles), because launching them all at once would more easily overwhelm Ukrainian AA.

  4. I feel like one massive strike could be too far and the rest of the world will say, enough!!

  5. This is wild! Fuck that landlord dude! I don’t know where you’re located but there must be a housing advocate of some sort. Please make arrangements for your cats so they don’t get evicted!!! Good luck!!

  6. Many generations newer!! Upgraded my son from a 1050ti to a 6600. He doesn’t complain so I guess it works well.

  7. If I had to cook my own food I’d eat out too. I hate cooking, personally.

  8. How much pain must one nation undergo, before the world ends this? It’s like multiple terrorist attacks everyday. They should help Ukraine to hit Moscow at this point!!! Fuck Russia!

  9. City of Limeira, Brazil. Man tried to break into school where the cop was.

  10. Holy shit everyone in Brazil is an off duty cop?? Every shooting there seems like it’s an ODC.

  11. Everyone is scared of escalating the war or upsetting Putin and it’s ridiculous. In the wise words of mortal kombat Finish Him!

  12. Made me think of Ladybird from King of the Hill. Specifically the one where Hank dances with her at a competition.

  13. This would require the ports in question to accept their “self insurance”, which I’m not sure would be trusted with all the lying they do.

  14. Indestructible, cause it will still be low mileage 5 years from now.

  15. I'm about to snag TMNT Cowabunga Collection and CoD Vanguard for 20$ each.. just waiting for my wife to approve.

  16. Been married 17 years, you need a larger standard purchase agreement. I only have to seek permission for purchases above $200. Really long leash these days 😝

  17. I was able to snag a ps5 a few days ago. Kids have been waiting almost 2 years so will be a great Christmas for them this year! We love the stonk!!!

  18. Been trying to find a PS5 for my son for months. GameStop tweeted that they had them in stock and the first one I called did!! Great company!

  19. Did the same. $25 plastic module did the trick.

  20. Do you just plug into the obd2 connector or is there also a harness that goes behind the steering wheel also? Trying to get the new gx sorted.

  21. If they are as dense and fragrant as my wife’s farts, trust me everyone smells them.

  22. Thanks! I believe they actually added that to the 2023 BL edition. So I’m not even sure what it is. Backup camera is just standard Toyota view. We come from a very long list of Toyotas.

  23. We found it on CarMax and had it shipped to us. It wasn’t listed as a Black Line, but we knew it the second we saw it. Only had 5k but we do have to work on a smoke smell ugh! Getting an ozone generator to try. Otherwise it’s perfect and I think the price was good. Honestly, just happy to find a white one!

  24. Wrights did the first controlled flight. Taking off and being able to fly briefly in straight line is not solving the flight puzzle. Adler was unable to make his plane practical, it was not under his control, he had not solved the issue.

  25. The wright brothers may or may not have invented the plane, but did invent flying. They figured out control surfaces and how to maneuver. This is why I’ve heard they get credit.

  26. Sure you can, but that’s carbon build up so it’s not coming off easy.

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