1. I also just got off work, I’m not driving to Mansfield right now…I’d also prefer a DM over leaving a public comment.

  2. Are you looking for men too? Im in Mansfield, really seriously trying to hook up today, no luck anywhere. I can host or travel, Im 29, Ill give you a link to info if you message me

  3. Mostly Motorbreath, its got subtle hints of other things though, pretty exotic. But it coats the mouth after smoking like Motorbreath does. I picked up 3 or 4 different strains recently (2nd trip to weedys) and its my favorite of what I picked up. Crazy effects. Super super stony, better than other motorbreath crosses ive had (their wildfire)

  4. Real nice 😎 Just enjoyed a little Weedys Paloma myself

  5. I dont really like sativas, not completely, theres some I really like, and the Paloma is one of them. It adds just the right touch to the durban (i dont like durban by itself all that much, even weedy's durban, have had winewoods too). Its got enough going on in the body to make me love it, Id say its like 70/30 sativa, what do you think?

  6. Am I the only one surprised by this? Wouldn't first press rosin be the better product? But then they stick it in Luster pods that run at a temp higher than ideal for rosin, instead of releasing it to the public?

  7. I'm with you. I've liked some of their flower ive had, and I'm not one of the usual people hating on them on here, but their business decisions make ZERO sense. It's like they hear public opinion on what they need to improve, and come up with something else off the wall out of left field. Why would they not put the second press in some disposables and sell the first press as simply rosin? It's mind boggling honestly...and weren't they responsible for amalfi sticks? 🤣

  8. So top shelf weed that uses Viridis, I’m sorry but you are mistaken.

  9. So if they use viridis, that means the weed is bad? Careful here you fuck

  10. Not necessarily, just means it can’t be trusted. Much like your mom when I tell her no teeth.

  11. I just wanted to clarify, from your first comment it sounds like you're telling people the quality of cannabis is based on the testing center they use. Just wanted to make sure you knew that was false

  12. Mine and a couple other people's catfish was cured badly and tasted like hay.

  13. Bro please kindly see your way out of here. Is it possible to shill harder? So annoying

  14. Anytime anyone enjoys a product around here people start screaming shill. Can’t this person just be excited about the flower they are enjoying? This is why no one posts. This really is a awful subreddit.

  15. Look at his stuff from the last few days. His comments read like an ad. I stand by what I said

  16. I got a white truffle luster from klutch yesterday and its as clear as water damn near and has almost 23 mgs of delta 8 in it i wont buy another one thats after ive bought klutch lusters for 2 years its defintly not the same

  17. Peanut butter breath and crosses are a unique taste. I love it myself. Besides gorilla nut, didn't like it that much for some reason

  18. I got both on Friday. Both flame. Saw a comment on here about the motorbreath being moldy, its not. It's interesting, my wife doesn't like Chem og from firelands because she thinks it tastes moldy, but it's just the chem dawg influence. It's ⛽️. My first time with the o Ryan, it's heavyyy

  19. Probably a gram worth of stem in that, lol. Big nuggets are overrated.

  20. Not even close to a gram. Why does there always have to be one of you? You really don't want a 7g top from a plant because of stem weight? You are so cool

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