1. Are those numbers in billions? Because i feel like I've paid that much in my premiums alone.

  2. Did you look into their financial statements to see if they reconcile the two figures?

  3. I have not yet but I will do that. I'm slowly working on breaking down and compiling the financial statements of 10 companies in each sector at the moment. I will keep that question in mind when I eventually do read through the entirety of the documents though.

  4. He's got a fund now. Ticker $ZIG. I'd just follow that. Uses the Acquirer's Multiple. Annual fund fee attached if you go that route. Much less work though and follows his methodology to the T.

  5. dude i shit you not rivian has a truck model with a slide out grill in the bed. this is peek dot com bubble

  6. Tobias uses just operating income. Operating Profit and Operating Income are equivalent. Here's a site that might help you out:

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